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Budapest love Parade yaaaaaaaaaaay

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by swilly, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. swilly

    swilly TRIBE Member

    OMG so when i came out to eastern europe i was kinda sad because i was not going to be able to do much clubbing and would mostly be doing the cultural thing. sure enough on the flight out there i saw this flyer for the budapest love parade by far the best night out i have had in europe.
    2öö floats
    naked dancers on the floats
    Amazing atmosphere
    sick techno and trance djs
    by far the most beautiful women i have ever seen in my life.
    Pills for 2 dollars and pints for about 1.3ö canadian.
    also the most beautiful buildings i have seen in europe as well.

    I met some of the coolest people at my hostel and we were all well up for going to it.

    I have to admit budapest is the best city in europe that i have been to for prices scenerary and women and partying.

    that and the communist statue park amazing. nothing like getting a picture of me and comrade lenin.

    definatly a hidden jewel in europe.

    also the food is amazing here as well and the women are very forward which always helps.
  2. JAR

    JAR TRIBE Member

    so? stories? c'mon Swill!
  3. geminigirl

    geminigirl TRIBE Member

    That's where my relatives are from. My brother was there for that 2 years ago. He said it was so incredible. He took lots of pics of naked girls...haha
  4. defazman

    defazman TRIBE Member

    If I send you a PM with my adress, can you send me a care package?
  5. Agatka8

    Agatka8 TRIBE Member

    Budapest is amazing...!
    So which one was better Buda or Pest?
    I knew you'd love this place!

    p.s. have you seen Prague....?
  6. DjCao

    DjCao TRIBE Member

    SHOW SOME PICS !!!!!


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