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Buckley's is CUM!


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Did anyone else notice this. I am pretty sick and someone recomended that I try Buckley's so I did. When I first poured it out the first thing that came to my mind id..."That looks like CUM!". I proceeded to take my first dose and after swallowing it I thought to myself "It even tastes like CUM!" But it does, it's like a combination of super strong Halls and CUM. I but in a way it would make sense because the viscosity of CUM is such that it could effectively coat your throat - for those of you who have swallowed before know what I mean. So is Buckly som guy that jizzed into a bottle and added some Halls? Just a thought...
If you're a female and straight (or bi), I would like to meet you
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by pr0nstar:
If you're a male and straight.

I would like to know how you know what CUM tastes like...


the same way straight females know how pussy tastes like, probably.
There is no difference between one brand of cough syrup and another.

They all have more or less the same medical ingredients: dextromethomorphan hydrobromide (also known as DXM) and guiffessen (I don't think that's how you spell it, but it makes your body produce more mucous so it's easier to cough up phlegm).

Everything else is just marketing. Buckley's is the same as Robitussin (or Vicks or whatever) but without the sugar to cover up the nasty taste.

Maybe there's something to be said for the psychological factor (if you're convinced that one syrup is better than another because a TV commercial told you so, then you'll probably feel better when you take it).

I guess this is one of those cases where the less you know, the better off you are

buckley's does have some sort of halls-like stuff added

lots of it

that's why it seems to "work" so well

a dxm based cough syrup will supress coughs, but the added stuff buckley's offers covers your throat in a way conventional cough syrup does not

i'm speaking from experience in using the actual cough syrups

i haven't read ingredients of buckleys yet
I have DEFINITELY noticed this.

HOwever I don't think the taste is the same... buckley's really is just aweful... except enjoyable in a way... I would drink it even when not sick just because the taste was so surprisingly bad.. and I like surprises.

I'm pretty sure Buckley's actually *is* different from other cough mixtures. It doesn't contain any real 'medicine' like DXM or guafenesin; but it does contain some really nasty tasting vaporous bronciodilators and things like mink oil and some kind of ammonium.

Buckley's works very well and very quickly, sicne it is essentially the vapours of the shit that clear up your head. But once those vapours run out....

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Thanksgiving, year before last. My sister convinced me to take Buckley's to stop the coughing..Mind you, had quite a few drinks by then..
Almost threw up over her beautiful hardwood floor..(Made it to the bathroom in time).. Yeah, it's gross.

Note to self: No swallowing when drunk..
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The first time buckleys made an appearance at my house my 15 year old sister blurted out "eww it looks like sperm!"

That didn't go over very well.
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