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bubble wrap!

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why not

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Originally posted by Jonesy
you're a geek, ben.

but that was fun
you don't know how much of a geek - i'm currently surfing 4 message boards simultaneously.

ps. Karate Jesus!

Dr Funk MD

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*right click -> add to favourites*

I can see me using this nonstop on a Friday afternoon. I would use the real stuff from the shipping/receiving dept but they get pissed when they find sheets of flattened bubble wrap.

Manic mode is where it's at yo!
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It's not cheap, I understand why they'd be pissed.

I bought 2 rolls once, I didn't realize what I was buying.. I thought the rolls were smaller... but they were about 3ft wide and no clue.. probably about 100ft roll ...

Boss was a little pissed at the ~$400 for bubble wrap, but we're still using it a few years later for shipping ;)

pr0nstar :D


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hee hee

reminds me that i discovered a woman popping those big assed bubble wrap in the hall for shipping/receiving. she looked at me, started to laugh and continued popping! fun stuff.


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I used to sleep under my desk on top of 10 layers of bubble wrap. It's quite comfy, especially with an air pillow for your head.
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i have a pile of the thick stuff and even these bags of air (they look like tiny pillows). it was used for a package i received. just couldn't throw the stuff out.