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BT @ The Phoenix


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Holy Shit! That's all I have to say. I got there when the doors opened @ 8, and the dj was playing some down-tempo, great music to drink too
Hooverphonic came on @ 9:45, and even though I'd never heard of them before, they definately left a lasting impression. Finally, at 11;15, BT hit the stage and from start to finish he had sooo much energy. Unlike his appearance @ The Guv where he was just bangin' on keyboards, this time he had a full band. Bassist, guitarist, vocalist and drummer, and BT himself on guitar and vocals. The best part of his performance was when he did Godspeed, Mercury and Solace and Dreaming right in a row. I was at the front and I turned around and EVERYONE was jumping around with their hands in the air

MC Bias

P.S. Special shouts out to Christina, the Jensen Girl, who was @ the back in front of the Jensen car audio display. Anyone who was there knows what I'm talking about


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I was a fool and listened to all the poopy pants out there who convinced me BT would be a waste of money. Having read this I REALLY wish I had gone last night. Your description was exactly what I wanted and hoped it would be. FUCK!

That's the last time I listen to crusty ravers.

genetically mystified beit


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I'm glad to hear that the instruments were actually plugged in this time as opposed to his last visit.


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Grrrrrr... I was about to go to this but then my friends cancelled out on me

BT is kind of full of himself sometimes, but some of that stuff on the last album is so damn goood.....