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BT (live laptop symphony) trance/breaks pioneer - FriAug25


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VIVID presents one of the most influential producers, remixer and performers in electronic music. From re-defining trance to helping define progressive and changing breakbeats.. BT ability to thrill a crowd is like no other including a packed out Commodore and Plush.

Friday August 25


Laptop Symphony - a Live Remix Set
www.btmusic.com www.myspace.com/thisbinaryuniverse

Initially known as the pioneer of trance music, BT has arrived as one of the most cutting-edge artists and producers for a multitude of musical styles. Whether he's crafting perfect pop hooks with *NSYNC, composing intricate scores with eighty-piece orchestras for films like The Fast and the Furious, collaborating with Sting on a track from his forthcoming album, or remixing emotional and languid epics for Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, Madonna or Seal, BT consistently balances creative and memorable songwriting, sonic innovation, and the latest technology for a cutting-edge, yet organic sound.

Emotional Technology, his milestone in his sonic trek and electronic innovation. "It's a huge leap forward for me," says BT, "I've grown as an artist, a vocalist and a producer, which is all reflected in the new album. Not only did I sing on six tracks, I also experimented more with traditional and aleatoric/contemporary string writing, and break-step beats, and learned more about coding for proprietary sound-design systems such as Kyma."

The euphoric and inspired 'The Force of Gravity,' his collaboration with JC Chasez (*NSYNC), is reminiscent of some of his greatest dance floor moments like 'Godspeed,' 'Dreaming' or 'Loving You More.' There is also the 80's synth-laden, 'Superfabulous,' featuring sexy barbs traded by actress Rose McGowan (Charmed), Scott McCloud (Girls Against Boys) and BT.

'Dark Heart Dawning' is a complex and compelling musical journey that mixes BT's evocative, raw vocals, moody strings, the redemptive voices of gospel singers, powerful instrumentation by Richard Fortus, Tommy Stinson and Brain of Guns 'N Roses, and cuts by DJ Swamp. "I'd feel uncomfortable with someone else singing a song like 'Dark Heart Dawning' because the lyrics are so personal," BT says. "It would feel like dictating a journal entry to someone."

He dropped out of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston in 1990 to shop his electronic music in Los Angeles. Many doors were slammed in his face because few understood his new unique sound, but he refused to compromise his vision. He returned to the D.C. area and launched Deep Dish Records with long-time high school friends, and recent Grammy award winners, Deep Dish.

Within the year, BT's first releases garnished the attention of English dance pioneer, Sasha, who gave BT his first taste of stardom and the rewards of dance culture. "The first venue he took me to was a barn in Brighton, England," BT recalls, "It was the most amazing party. Three thousand people were sweating and crying over my songs like 'Embrace The Future.' I had found my people."

BT's mix of epic and classically inspired journeys and beats quickly took on the name Trance, and became one of the most popular and dominant electronic music genres played in clubs from London to Tokyo and New York. BT's talent and persistence had finally paid off and he later released his epic albums, IMA, ESCM, and the wildly diverse Movement In Still Life, featuring the hit single, 'Never Gonna Come Back Down.'

BT has also gained the reputation as a talented and versatile film score composer. He scored movies such as the blockbuster hit The Fast and the Furious, Doug Liman's Go, Under Suspicion, and Monster starring Charlize Theron.

"To marry melody, harmony and memorable songwriting with the most bleeding-edge technology possible is my passion. These are the things that excite me."


+ Danny Taylor Vivid house cd release

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Tix $20/25/30: Boomtown, Beat Street, Zulu, Laramy
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