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BT heist


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just some news, does it even belong here?

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">I don't even know where to begin. I've been staring at this screen for 45 minutes without a written word. As usual, I will just start and let it flow.
1. Yes BT's studio was robbed.
2. Yes everything is gone.
3. Yes, most of album #4 is missing.
4. No he didn't have any off-site backups.
5. Yes, the mods have been deleting posts about it.
6. Yes, the guilty will be caught.

So let's start with #1.

BT was in the UK collaborating with a few artists whe he heard the news earlier this week. He emailed me, asking for help. I immediately contacted the several people I know and trust who can help at this time. Things are being done. Brian's computers, synths, hard drives, etc. were stolen. Everything gone. My inital reason for not saying anything to the public was not to hinder the investigation. 30,000 people visit this site everyday...most of them lurkers and I did not want anything out there that would inform anyone of anything tat might harm the process. I asked that the Moderators of the message board delete any and all posts that touch base on this issue, which everyone completely agreed. But now that has all changed. The news has hit email lists with hundreds of people on it and will only be a matter of time before things are skewed and fabricated, so I after talking to BT today I decided it was time to inform you all of the situation and stop the rumors and questions.

I think #2 was basically covered in the above paragraph.

As was #3

And #4

And #5

Let's briefly talk about #6.

No crime is perfect. Thieves often return to the scene of the crime. Ego makes them talk and brag to their friends. Envy is an evil trait. A disgusting one. This maliscious action was done solely in order to hurt Brian. What can a person do with those things taken? Sell them? Well I have the list and soon everyone else will too. Release the tracks onto Audiogalaxy? Please. Your IP is being traced right now. This was to hurt a genius that has never hurt a fly. His trust is unimaginable to me. He is a kind, kind man with a talent and gift like no other. Someone didn't like that he had more than they ever will. So now the gear is sitting in a storage shed somewhere. Of course, this is my assumption, but a definite educated guess.

So, what am I doing? well, I ask everyone who reads this, if they see or hear ANYTHING regarding this that contains any sort of clues or leads to please send an email to BTRobbery@bt-network.org.All submitted information will be completely confidential if requested. Please do not email asking for info, details, updates, etc. That's what the message board is for. I will forward this information to the people investigating the case for their perusal. I have a few other things up my sleeve as well, but cannot share them at this time. Sorry.

And to the thieves if for some reason you are reading this...I hope it's eating you alive. I hope you are happy you hurt one of the kindest people in the world. I hope you are happy that not only did you take his things and songs so he couldn't have them...but you also took them away from the music world. From is dedicated fans. If you are smart you will return everything. BT has said if the things are returned there will be a huge reward and no questions asked. He just wants his music back. If you have anything to live for you will act upon his request. Or be pursued for a very long time. A lot of people are extremely upset about this. I hope you are enjoying your 15 minutes of fame for stealing BT's studio...because it's gonna get you 15.

P.S. If you are curious about Spundae on NYE...I don't know, but I would completely understand if he cancelled.

P.P.S. Feel free to spread the wqord onto every message board you frequent. Please include the email address listed above if you do.</font>