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bryan gee-mc moose at turbo


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a good time was had last night. it could have been better, but it also could have been a lot worse. bryan gee's mixing was clean, his smooth transitions kept the basement moving for most of the night. his track selection wasn't as consistent as his mixing tho. maybe it was because his set was too long, but there were times where he had built a lot of momentum, the crowd was just full of energy, and then it was all lost, only to be recovered a few tracks later.

mc moose turned out to be good for a few laughs...all in all, a nice night.

ecstasy riot

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you looked really pretty, as usual! last nite nat

im not sure i heard mc moose cos i was expecting some deep vocal. but maybe it's cos after 1am or so i dont remember anything at all. man tbk know how to get people drunk!


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I had a great time last night.
Bryan Gee was sick and moose was pretty hype.
Good vibe going last night as well, crowd wen't nuts for some tracks...



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yeah brian gee dropped some sick new dubs... and the crowd was really hype at points...

sorry about having to stay longer nat...
but i HAD to stick around for a little caddy


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thanks meghin

and thats ok mack...you'll never hear me complaining about having to stick around for lush and everfresh.
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seriously LUSH has some fuckin tallent!!! he makes me very happy

I had a blast on Friday.. i was so unbelievably hype, it was insane.. Meghin called me psycho.. that wasn't very nice
but I did hype you up didn't I baby?

sorry for tose nasty tequila sunrises or whatever the fuck, they tasted nasty!!

I'm still tired from dancing



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The night was topped off with a nice chat with my favorite local, MYSTICAL... not only is he THE SHIT as a jungle dj.. he's a really really nice guy, and he kisses both cheeks
I liked that

Nice meeting you Pat!


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Did anyone get to hear my boys Status and Double Jay throw down sometime before Bryan Gee came on?

Really wish I coulda made the trek down from London for this...but alas.