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BRT for Harmonika


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And you guys thought I was annoying? This holy rolling bible thumping jesus jerking whackjob takes the cake.

Somebody lock this kid up in a padded room in a hug-me jacket.


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The thing I don't understand.
Is I missed what started it.

2nd, AlexD said he'd disable accounts of people creating copycat threads and he's done that a few times has he not?

Oh well.

Drama == FUN?


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Originally posted by Eureka

Hey, Ian is a really nice guy! I hear he plays a mean Techno set on three decks, and is *really* good in bed! Oh yeah, and he smells nice, or so the rumour mill has it.

Somebody lock this kid up in a blue-walled, padded room with a ghetto blaster and a bucket full of MDMA, stat!
Why thank you Eureka, I had no idea you cared so much about me! And to think, we haven't even met yet! And the flowers? Magnifico!

Isn't that nice, folks? I love the friendlier people of Tribe, they're what makes this board *work*.




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Originally posted by Skipper
lok bumped a bunch of Harmonika's old threads and then it began. :rolleyes:
no harmonika has "returned" and is posting his own. my stunt had faded long before this had begun.