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~*...brt...cosmik-Kat...clean your box...*~

that 420 guy

TRIBE Member
let's ride on sunday. clean your box, let's make plans.



this thread is for one person anyways, so i'll just fill it up with pix. if you're reading this thread, HI..wait a second, you're not jen.


teh funny!


- that snow ain't so bad when you're dressed for it guy :cool:

that 420 guy

TRIBE Member
Originally posted by sk8
i'm not jen

but i have to know

what does BRT mean?

brt = board ruining thread

hi sk8. welcome to my useless thread intended for a single person named jen that has 15 views and three replies.


are you riding this weekend sk8? when will you be back up on the mountain?


- that brt thread guy :cool:


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not this weekend.

NEXT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

got the okay from my doctor to try skating next week and we'll add things in from there.

i might try skiing first then boarding. i won't fall skiing.
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