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BRT: Anyone have a copy of Bob Roberts I can borrow?


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Goin' on the Torontoist/Eye Weekly bus convoy down to Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rally in Washington DC this weekend.

We need vids to watch on the way down that are appropriate to the mission!

I have this but on VHS. I don't even have a VHS deck any more. Anyone have it on DVD or an .avi file they can throw in my dropbox?


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Found a copy at Sunrise on Yonge! And yes I'm going to shoot the fuck out of this... Soooo many weirdos/factions to choose from!

glych t.anomaly

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man im jealous, i want to go to the Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear so badly.

too busy, too much too do, too little time, cant wait to see your pics.

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