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Missed out on last year's inaugural edition as I was on a work tour in the US, but looking forward to this year's.

The EDM side of the lineup isn't for me, but I'm diggin the dome trifecta of Lee Foss/Hot Since 82/Sharam.

I strongly recommend checking out Sharam's 3+ hour set from Blue Parrot/BPM a couple weeks back. He drops plenty of driving, proggy tunes. Seems like he's training for the Deep Dish reunion ;)
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Eric Volta 6pm-7pm
Hot Since 82 7pm-8:30pm
Lee Foss 8:30pm-9:45pm
Sharam 9:45pm-11:00pm

Can't wait to lace up the skates!


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We were there last year. It was cold as shit. We filmed it. If you've never been. It's really an experience. I'd recommend it completely.

COLD! Looks like it might be better temps today.

They have lot's of food, and a dome where you can get warm and regroup.

Sal De Ban

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Osunlade spun a good set last year. The rest of it wasn't for me. Although i would definitely like to see lee foss / hot since 82
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