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Broken Social Scene / Pavement concert on Toronto Islands

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by sianspherica, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. sianspherica

    sianspherica TRIBE Member

    Well today was the much anticipated (for me anyways) Broken Social Scene and Pavement show
    on Toronto Island.

    So luckily, it didn't rain, which was a major plus.

    My GF and I got there around 2:30 with backpacks and extra rain clothing planning for the worst.
    I was not really impressed with any of the music before Bands of Horses. The park is a
    beautiful place for a show, and being able to lay down under a huge tree with perfect green
    grass is way way better than an indoor venue or the ampitheatre. Good on the organizers for
    having a large variety of vendor food, thankfully my gf was able to find vegan food there.

    It was a hot day out and the organizers had told people they could each bring a sealed
    bottle of water, sweet, so we brought 1L / 1.5 bottles, get to the island and want to get a
    nice cold beer....but wait, they won't allow people to bring any water into the beer
    , even sealed bottles of water, makes no fuckin sense but whatever. We get one of
    the vendors to hold on to our water bottles and head to get a beer around 4. From the time
    we got in the line to head into the beer garden, until we actually got beers, it was an
    approx 1 hour and 15 minute wait. Holy shit, longest I've ever waited for beer in my life.
    I read that some people waited even longer, 2 hours+ INSANE. The beer tents were tinnnnny
    in comparison to the amount of people at the show.

    The island show sold out, 10,000 people, so you think they would have been prepared.
    Anyways, we got our shitty somewhat cold beer and drinks, finished them fast, caught the end
    of Band of Horses and headed into the crowd for BSS.

    Broken sounded great, a little shambolic as always, a few tech issues on stage. I've got an
    odd relationship with seeming them live because I caught them once at Lee's Palace in 2003
    before they got huuuuge and I don't think anything will ever top that show, smaller more
    intimate vibe and they were playing tons of music from their incredible record that was just
    getting a lot of attention at the time. But now skip ahead 7 years and it was still a
    beautiful day and beautiful setting to see a great hometown band like them play for a sold
    out crowd. Leslie Feist, lots of horn player, Emily and Jimmy from Metric, etc were all
    there, so it was nice to see a fairly big group with them. They played most their best
    material, unfortunately no Anthems... or KC Accidental. Cause = Time sounded absolutely
    fantastic, 8 years of playing that tune every show has done wonders and it sounded epic and
    brilliant, same for Almost Crimes and It's All Gonna Break. Although the song of their set
    might have been the instrumental Meet Me in the Basement from the new record. Anyways, very
    good set.

    Pavement then came on and laid down one of the best sets I've had the pleasure of seeing in
    the last few years. I'm totally biased because I'm a pretty huge Pavement fan, to the point
    where I knew every single song they played and most the lyrics. So anytime anyone can see a
    band or performer they know that much, it's bound to be great. But as screwed as the beer
    was at this event, al is forgiven for how great the sound was during Pavements set.
    Admittedly we were only about 30-40 feet from the stage but the sound was fantastic, made a
    world of different. Stephen Malkmus' guitar was turned up in the mix and overall it sounded
    great. Stephen's riffs are really the best thing about a lot of Pavement songs, so being
    able to hear him completely nail every song on guitar was a huge treat for me. I play
    guitar and have spent a lot of my life writing riffs that sounded Pavement-esque so to see
    one of my favorite guitarist play some of my favorite tunes that I've loved since I was like
    15 was really fucking awesome and bliss and one of the better concert experiences I've had
    in a long time. Band overall had tons of chemistry and sounded pretty tight, which is a
    contradiction because they used to have a really sketchy live reputation. Well I guess 10
    years on hiatus and a high-profile and sold out gig made them step things up, they laid out
    a great career spanning set, playing almost every single fan favorite and their more well
    known tracks. Cannot find a band thing to say about it. Perfect sound, strong
    performances, very well chosen setlist = best.

    So then it was all over, it predictably took a while to get on a ferry home, but compared to
    Virgin Festival in 2007, this wasn't nearly as bad.

    The crowd also was pretty good, no assholes, good vibes, a mix of the young and older crowd,
    although I was surprised to see a younger audience watching Pavement than BSS.

    Overall the day was great. The beer shit made the experience a bit annoying, but thankfully
    the BSS and Pavement had great sets.

    Setlists (from what I can remember)


    World Sick
    Texico Bitches
    Art School whatever
    Cause = Time
    Lover's Spit (with Feist)
    Stars and Sons
    Fire Eyed Boy
    The Sweetest Thing
    Ibi Dreams of Pavement
    Shoreline (with Feist)
    Almost Crimes & Sentimental X's (with Feist, Haines)
    All to All
    Forces to Love
    Water In Hell
    It's All Gonna Break
    Meet Me in the Basement

    Cut Your Hair
    Trigger Cut
    Rattled By the Rush
    In The Mouth of a Desert
    Fight This Generation
    Kennel District (with Kevin Drew and Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses)
    Conduit For Sale
    Spit On A Stranger
    Perfume V
    Shady Lane
    Father To A Sister of Thought
    The Hexx
    Two States (with Kevin Drew, a few others)
    Silent Kid
    Range Life
    Gold Soundz
    Summer Babe
  2. erika

    erika TRIBE Member

    Great review!
    I was at that 2003 show :)
  3. djcheezwhiz

    djcheezwhiz TRIBE Member

    Yesterday blew away all of my expectations!! Arrived for Band of Horses who put on a really tight performance. Great to heat Funeral live. The beer tent had it's moments, but we lucked out in having some guy sell us his tickets as we entered (buying tickets was most of the wait time).

    I really enjoyed BSS. The new album has some of their best work to date and as noted above it was great having so many alumni around.

    As for Pavement they were perfect. I had heard some sketchy reviews from other recent shows, but they were so on last night And the crowd was great.

    Nice seeing Nestore and also being able to drop into Fabricated on Friday night. Great and basically perfect weekend.
  4. Nesta

    Nesta TRIBE Member

    Nice to see you too, John. Really fun day, but the beer situation was horrendous. I'm one of the poor saps that waited over 2 hours to get beer tickets. What I don't get is why the event wasn't 19+ and why we can't drink beer wherever the fuck we want. It's like that at festivals in Montreal and the US, so why not here? Not sure I'll ever go to another island concert again.

    With that said, Band of Horses and Broken Social Scene were both great. We left a few songs into Pavement's set.
  5. hahnsa

    hahnsa TRIBE Member

    Yes yes yes!!! Pavement killed it. Their set was sooo good. Even after 15 years they sound so tight. Sweet, melodic, nostalgic grooves under the stars and a half moon. No complaints. They played all my favourite tracks and how awesome is it that they closed with Summer Babe?!?! What a show. Fantastic. Totally worth the shit show at the beginning trying to get beers. ohlala.
  6. sianspherica

    sianspherica TRIBE Member

    So I've spoken to someone from Collective Concerts, a lot of the main issues (no blankets rule, security being cunts over water going into the beer gardens, and the massive lines for beer and food) are being worked on and will be better for the next island show. Good to hear, looking forward to Arcade Fire on the island on August 14th.
  7. ian

    ian TRIBE Member

    I went. Everything was perfect except for the beer lineup after Band Of Horses went on, the fact you couldn't bring water into the beer tent and that Timber Timbre was only okay (I was sad). The rest of the day was pretty much the best day I've had in years.
  8. rowla

    rowla TRIBE Member

    they played last night at legacy, in taipei. they finished at fuji rock and made a surprise stop here. pretty much no promotion so i didn't know that the show started at 6:30pm (this was at 7:30). Anyway, went down to the artist village with my gf where the venue is located and bummed around outside music coming out sounded great and the night was clear and warm. managed to get inside for the last 3 tracks of their encore. really wished i would have caught the whole show, but was still dope to get in for the end.

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