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broken camera question


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my lumix gx-1 m 4/3 camera broke (it won't turn on)

a new body is $279 which I have already bought (went on sale from $600)

question: typically how much would it cost to fix a body of a camera?

I feel like it'll cost $200+ at which point there's no reason to fix it

unless someone knows a DYI alternative?
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From my experience with consumer grade digital cameras they just replace them if under warranty, or if not, send you a new body and charge you the same price as the cost of the body wholesale. Nobody repairs stuff that is cranked out by the million in chinese assembly plants.

The Peej

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I wore the shutter button out in my Canon Rebel xti... Canon service centre in Mississauga wanted 250$ just to crack the case open... I opened it myself, got an exploded view schematic to find the part number, & they sold me a new button for 6 bucks.

Repair won't be cost effective.