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Britney Spears

Hi i'm God

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  • Has killed Dubstep
  • Has blown up Dubstep making it accessible to all
  • Does a pretty good job in her new single
  • I don't even
  • still hot
  • not

Dirty Girl

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I dont know what thread to put this, so I'll just put it here cause noone actually gives a fuck about britney anyway.

youve probably all seen this already but whatevs.
I still havent got to go to a dubstep party, but this pretty much exactly as I picture it would be.


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This is Dubstep?!

Love that one Dirty Girl but Unfortunately... thanks to Brostep... it's more like a large MOSH PIT!

Is that nu Britney tune considered Dubstep? I understand it has a lower BPM then most contemp. pop music but still... Dubstep!?