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britney spears fans


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what the hell is this article saying???

what am I looking at these pictures??

i dont get it sorry
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thanks for the explanation stan.

i actually heard about that.
they were taping a video in some neighbourhood at like 5am with lots of lights and noise and stuff
so someone threw piss at her
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Tricky kid

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here is BS, attacked with urine... during a videoshoot of 'Overprotected' some people from the next house suddenly poured piss on her (apparently thru a window..)

Aftonbladet har tidigare skrivit om hur hyresgästerna i de närliggande husen reagerade när de blev störda. Först öppnades fönstren och förbannade grannar skrek "håll käften" och "jävla bitch" innan någon gick till attack.
Uppifrån en lägenhet tömdes behållare med urin över den dansande superstjärnan.

Aftonbladet has written before abt how the people living in the house have reacted when they get bothered... first they open the window and start screaming 'shut up bitch' etc.. then somebody will launch an attack.. for the apartment above somebody emptied a potty- kind of thing on the dancing superstar..

Britney skyddade sig först med armarna och undrade varför hon blivit blöt. När hon insett vad hon blivit attackerad med skrek hon och hamnade i chock. Genomdränkt sprang hon för att ta skydd i sin trailer och inspelningen avbröts. Enligt uppgifter bröt hon där ihop i tårar.
Det är oklart vem som stod bakom attacken.

Britney covered her with her arms first and was wondering why she got wet.... when she realized what had happened, she screamed and escaped to her trailer in full panic. the videoshoot was stopped for a moment... they dont know who was behind this 'attack'...

hope that helps



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poor Brit.
she is way above being doused with a bucket of pee!

her outfit however is almost asking for it.
those are some bad threads!


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ah swedish, the language that has a single word for "shoal of cunts" (used in the same way you'd say "school of fish").

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