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bringthebeats volume 4


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www.bringthebeats.com is slowly but surely evolving, as we've now reached the 4th instalment of our community's ever-growing web presence. volume four includes:

streaming dj sets of some of the freshest talent in the progressive dance scene - currently we're hosting sets from matt coleridge, brad copeland, and k-swing.

the bringthebeats vault - as you scroll down the streams page you'll notice we're also offering streams of classic progressive beats, starting with the artists formally known as the mighty deep dish and their legendary essential mix from 1998.

we have also reintroduced our crrraazzzy links page and of course we offer an extremely extensive event calendar for the montreal, toronto and area clubbing scene.

if you're interested in submitting a mix for consideration please contact us at bringthebeats@sympatico.ca.

thanks gregor.
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