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Bringing Breaks Back To London

[- FuNKtiOn -]

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well, it's been a LONG time since London has seen the light of breaks, so let this be a beginning to good things to come!



The Electrician

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Come to think of it yes.... there hasn't been too many break's events there... I havent played there in quite sometime... I would very much like to again... I remember a few WICKED parties there.... what happened?
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[- FuNKtiOn -]

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this is the start of good things to come.

and yeah, Angus was running t'ings down here.
weekly breaks nights... those were the days..
and if all goes well, we shall see more of them!
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Doperadio is coming to LONDON.

doperadio live...
yeah, why listen online when you can be a part of the session.
Since doperadio has been canceled ...
Ive been hosting / recording shows with a MiniDisk..YES HOSTING.
I grab the mic, hit record & host the show like i was in the 1groove studio.

cya this thursday!!!!
btw... who is this DJ SKANK HONTO?

[- FuNKtiOn -]

TRIBE Member
dope radio live!

anyways, this event is looking to be off the hook, so I hope to see lots of fellow breaks lovers in London!

<--aka Skank Honto
I just played Rage about a month ago with Jelo.
It was a pretty wicked crowd. There's quite a few
potential breaks nights popping up in the near
future in London. Gravity is planning a bi-weekly
night booked by MC EFES (from Red Skull single)
and Mercury Lounge is doing a once a month breaks
night booked by Nitin.


TRIBE Promoter
Interesting dJ name..
care to share your dJ name story with us all?

mines easy.. first name marty
last name is not mcfly..
I figured if I ever got famous..
girls like kelly would never be able to stock me.
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TRIBE Promoter
not exicting??? it must be.....
you keep calling me every 3-5 weeks.
is LITTLE DUTCH MUFFIN your new stocker (cdn spelling) pet-name for me?
It's very cute..
But sorry, no means no.


TRIBE Member
As if

Okay, I think you and I both know that is not true. So don't use me to make yourself look desirable - nobody wants to stalk you.
And you brought it up, man, with dogging me from out of the blue - I'm not interested in playing anymore when you try and pick a fight. So let me tribe in peace; I'm not interested.


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hello! they have this great new gadget on tribe now.....it's called..............drum roll please................

PM!!!!!!! :)


Uncle Bobby

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Screw that BB, I want to find out who Kelli is stalking since she obviously ditched me for our date on Saturday. U asked Kelli>I am not a machine that can be turned on and off, why are you playing with my emotions?




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Hey?! I'm still waiting for that email from you...a girl can't do all the work, you know, even in the K's
I'm sure you tore it up just the same on Sat.
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Considering i held your drink "for a second" and found myself holding it 15 minutes later with no uncle bOOby in site?

Yes. I think you went out.
but does Kelli know where?



TRIBE Promoter
HA!! HA!!

whatever, super man is so last year.

MartyMcFly = peter parker

go london breakers go!!!
the night was great btw.
the rage had some shitty needles,
but you gotta work with what you have.
I need to buy my own needles.
I hosted doperadio from the dJ booth that night.
Congrates to the bong winner..
while on the MIC,
I had asked the first person in the bar
to bring me something with a 5 on it....
the winner had a triple 5 soul shirt on.. so she won the bong.
I even got to try it with her at a small after party at someone house.

oh hey angus.....
you got much love from everyone at the after-marty!!!!
the people I spoke with were very proud of you
and your new accomplishments.
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