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Bringin' Back Da Funk! Funky Electro Mix

Josh Beckstead

TRIBE Member
Bringin' Back Da Funk!

What up! Here is some tunes for you to listen to! You can stream and download both of my newest mixes from www.joshbeckstead.com

Let me know what ya'll think! Thanks in advance

Josh Beckstead

1. Got The Feeling – Enzo Mori & Stephen Clark
2. Freaks Like to Fuck – Quick and Weight (Salt Lake's Very Own)
3. Universal Sound – Josh the Funky 1
4. Back Track - Macca
5. Beats for the streets – Bryan Cox
6. Automatic – Richard Vission
7. Say Hello – Deep Dish
8. Get With You Original Mix – Richard F & Ralphie Romance
9. First Class – Enzo Mori & Stephen Clark
10. Lipstick – Who’s Who?
-Jack Got a Groove – MC Flipside
-This is House Music – Alex Peace – Acca
11. Shake That Party A – Scott Quick
12. This is House Music – CZR & Alex Peace
13. Got You Moving – DLG (featuring MC Flipside)
14. Lonely – DJ Flex
-The Talk – Smooth & J
15. Time For Love – JJ Flores & Steve Smooth
16. E.X.S. – Burnin’ Love
17. Let Me Live – JJ Flores & Steve Smooth
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

Josh Beckstead

TRIBE Member
Tracks 2 and 11 are both produced by Salt Lake's Biggest House DJ, SCOTT QUICK. He is looking for as much feedback on those tracks as he can get!

Peace Out!!