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bring-the-beats 2 - NASA


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The second installment of bring-the-beats was another incredible success, as NASA once again provided the ideal atmosphere for the btb crew. The night was jump-started by our new friend from the Sunshine State, Korben. He set the pace with an extremely smooth Prog that perfectly set up our first headliner for the evening Steve Mack.

The Macka once again proved that he is definitely one of the top up-and-coming talents in the city. Settling into an immediate groove, Steve confirmed that recognition of quality music is the difference between being a good DJ and a great one. With this man’s promotion the Tech-House sound is surely going to take off in T.O.

Our second headline set showcased the driving Progressive style of Richard M. The up-tempo “party-party” method of spinning is certainly one of Ricky’s strengths, as is his mixing. The transition from “Scrambled” to “A Break in the Clouds” was amazing. Ricky really hit stride last night, by far the best set I’ve heard from this patient vet.

bring-the-beats 2 was one of the coolest projects I’ve ever had the pleasure in helping to organize. The flow of music from beginning to end was perfect. Each DJ fulfilled their role and really put together a proper night of beats. Thanks to everyone who supported the event, especially those in attendance who are not regulars in the scene. Cheers to Triber Kalemic (I hope I got that right) the complement was truly appreciated. Thanks again and please keep your eyes and most definitely your ears open for bring-the-beats 3.



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definitely a great night, although my evening was cut short due to a lack of sleep from the night before...steve was definitely on last night, great sounds & i'm really digging the funky, techy sound which steve has embraced...nasa definitely was the perfect setting for this party & it was great to see so many friendly & smiling faces...

sorry to miss corben, & then for not having the energy to stick around for ricky's set...but i'll try to make sure i plan a little bit better for btb3...

way to go to all involved...



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FUN night indeed from start to finish!

great crowd, amazing vibe, and wicked beats!

I'd like to personally thank everyone that came out to support the night, you guys ROCK!!! :D



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Thanks to Gregor, Ricky, and Korben

I had a great time. Nasa was the perfect venue for last night. Unfortunately I was on no sleep from the night before so I wasn't in top form. But thanks to all who came out and supported. I look forward to the next installment of BRING THE BEATS! :cool:


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Korben, Steve and Ricky fucking rock! Wicked night and I look forward to the next Bring The Beats party. It was nice to see everybody at NASA.
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Had a GREAT time at this event! I hadn't been to Nasa before and most definetly won't be hard pressed to return now. Very cool crowd and the music was fantastic! Steve and Ricky played some of the best stuff that I heard all weekend!! (and I heard quite a bit of music this past weekend! :eek: ) Was nice to see some quality peeps out and meet some new ones, it was nice to finally meet you Gregor! :D


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Originally posted by Nesta
nice pix!

This was a great night and an excellent turnout. Korben got us going with some great warmup tunage. Smackers dropped some tougher stuff than I'm used to hearing from him, which I really like. Then Ricky started dropping bombs and ripping the place to shreds. Great job by all three djs and a wonderful crowd. At this rate, the next bring the beats party might need a bigger venue.


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Glad I got the name right Kalemic. Make sure you sign up for the bringthebeats.com mailing list. We are always in search of quality clubbers to add to the crew. Thanks again for all the support everyone, the future looks bright in the land of beats.

ps. we missed you Nesta
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