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bring back the toyota matrix!

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the toyota matrix gave everybody something to complain about. i haven't seen it in a few days. is it gone forever? please say it ain't so alexd! people here need something that doesn't have anything to do with a real problem so they can vent their anger! i miss the "alexd, get rid of that ad right now or i'll hold my breath until i die" threads. please alexd, bring it back. if only for the children who have yet to experience it and bitch constantly about it! a vote for the toyota matrix is a vote for the future of the internet!

who's with me?


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I agree!
I ... kind of.....*sob* miss toyota matrix *sob*



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that fucking car hasnt stopped scrolling across my screen!
die toyota die!

i would also like to use this time to publicize my distaste for the font used for "matrix"

its 80's hair metal cheese. *blech*

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