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Bernnie Federko

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British snap election possible as MPs prepare to block no-deal Brexit

Developing: Britain’s Parliament is poised to block Prime Minister Boris Johnson from pulling the country out of the European Union on Oct. 31 without an agreement, setting the stage for what could lead to a snap election.

An alliance of opposition MPs and some Conservatives are aiming to prevent a no-deal Brexit with a vote tonight on legislation that would force the government to request a three-month extension to the deadline if there was no agreement with the EU by Oct. 19. If the motion passes, the Prime Minister’s office says he’ll call an early election for Oct. 14.

Bernnie Federko

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MPs rejected the Prime Minister’s second attempt in less than a week to call an early election, prompting the Queen to prorogue Parliament until Oct. 14 at Johnson’s request.

What comes next: Time is running out as Johnson seeks to secure an exit deal while fulfilling his promise to leave the European Union on Oct. 31. So far, no negotiations with the EU have been scheduled.

The Irish border factor: Johnson opposes the backstop plan put forward by former prime minister Theresa May, which would have kept the border open and left Britain closely tied to the EU. But Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said “no backstop is no deal for us” unless a concrete alternative is offered, and he’s yet to receive a proposal despite meeting yesterday with Johnson.


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Watch the whole thing with sound it's amazing.

flying flamigo
It's pretty cool watching the happenings of the UK parliament. They broadcast it on YouTube and you can see the whole unedited thing. Members of Parliament yell and interrupt each other constantly, requesting the current speaker to yield, and frequently it's in such a state that the Speaker of the House calls for Order! It's not everyday that members from the same party vote against the ruling government, and this Speaker is pretty entertaining.

Bernnie Federko

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EU grants new Brexit delay as lawmakers reject Johnson’s call to hold early election

Britain got some Brexit breathing space but no clarity today when the European Union granted a three-month delay to its departure from the bloc. But after a testy debate in the House of Commons, lawmakers rejected Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s call to hold an early election as a way of breaking the political deadlock over Brexit.

Legislators voted by 299-70 for a motion to hold a Dec. 12 election – short of the two-thirds majority of the 650 House of Commons lawmakers needed for it to pass. Johnson said he would try again this week, using a different procedure – a bill, which only needs a simple majority to pass.


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My word, some of the stupid arse right-winger takes in this thread :rolleyes:

Brexit was always the stupidest fucking idea, promulgated and voted upon by the stupidest brits to have ever lived, in an act of cultural, political and economic suicide that was only ever designed to line the pockets of hedge fund dickhead vampires and the Rees-Moggs.