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brett owns the board


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I guess its me and brett on here now.

the last GABILLION threads have been posted by him!

go team engaged :D
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room
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hahahah now swilly can move in a take over muhhhh hahahahahha all hail the mighty swilly

fuck i think its still dark in my room

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Originally posted by vinder
i'm going to watch some space ghost, you can have it.
Muh hahahahhahahahah

now its all mine.

cool now i can talk to myself without feeling kinda wierd about it like people are looking or something. Right well then ........

How are you swilly? quite good actually and you?

Oh quite good really bit of problem at the uni the other day with geography and all.
Really swilly!!!!! I say.... what happend?

Bit of problem with the geography as i am sure you know.
Oh indeed i do, swilly my dear lad. What was the problem then swilly?
well quite difficutl to explain actually some what of a conadrum i reckon.

well thats a terrible shame in'it.
quite swilly
however such is geography in the post modern era .
oh yes swilly post modernism is a bit of daft thing in'it

ehhh this sucks i am going to talk to myself i the other room
come along swilly we are too good for this place.

Rightio swilly coming