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Brendan B - History Homework Seven [Soul Jazz, Spiritual Jazz, Deep Jazz, Library Jazz]

le bricoleur

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History Homework Seven

Un Soir De Blanco - Claude Thomain
Soul Impressions - Janko Nilovic
It's Got Two Names, And That's Alright - P.E. Hewitt Jazz Ensemble
Attica Blues - Archie Shepp
Mirage - The Awakening
Black Land Of The Nile - La Mont Zeno Theatre
Jabali - Catalyst
Faith For My Mind - Source of Life Arkestra Revelation (S.O.L.A.R.)
The Ladder - The Singers and Musicians of Washington High School
Sakara - The Clarke-Boland Big Band
Naima - Jerker Kluge's Deep Jazz
Stella By Starlight - Robert Glaper Trio
Until Next Time - The Unity Sextet
Nordeste - Quantic Presents The Western Transient
Speak Low - Big Bang
Ai-No-Kawa - Hajime Yoshizawa
Open Space - Piero Umiliani
Eboness - Medline
Accadde A Bali - Arawak
Cross Country - Archie Whitewater
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