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Brendan B - History Homework November 2013 [Afrobeat, Jazz, Psych Soul & Abstract Beats]

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History Homework: November 2013 by Brendan Boyle | Mixcloud

History Homework Playlist For November 2013

William Onyeabor - Body and Soul [Luaka Bop]
Buari - Advice From Father [RCA]
Africa Music Machine - Never Name A Baby (Before It's Born) [Soul Power]
Cymande - Dove [Janus Records]
Dr John The Night Tripper - Gris Gris Gumbo Ya Ya [Atco]
Monophonics - Temptation [Ubiquity]
Shamrock - Shamrock [Blake Company Records]
Ronnie Laws - Nothing to Lose [Blue Note]
Bennie Maupin - Quasar [Mercury]
Jamiroquai - Too Young To Die [Sony]
Dexter Wansel - Theme From The Planets [Philadelphia International]
Lonnie Smith - Babbitt's Other Song [Lester Radio Corporation]
Patrice Rushen - Music Of The Earth [Elektra]
Dj Day - Ode To A Friend [Piecelock 70]
Mos Def - May-December [Rawkus]
Brenk - Don't Stop [Melting Pot]

History Homeroom
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