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Brendan B - History Homework December 2013 [Bossa, Samba, Latin Jazz, Tropicalia, Exotica]

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The blustery weather has descended upon us and it's time for the snowbirds to take flight.

If you – like me – can't swing the airfare to Rio, hopefully you can stay warm with this month's mix of Brazilian and Latin tunes.

This playlist is inspired by both my homey weekends nestled on the couch listening to bossa nova records and drinking coffee with my wife, and my late nights sweating it out to latin jazz and tropical rare groove on the dance floor.

History Homeroom: History Homework December 2013 Playlist

Edú Lobo - Zanzibar [Soul Jazz]
Sergio Mendes - Neurotico [Atlantic]
Sabu Martinez - I Remember Carmen [EAB]
Harvey Averne - The Word [Soul Jazz]
Pucho And The Latin Soul Brothers - Cloud 9 [Beat Goes Public]
Dj Nu-Mark ft. Quantic - Tropicalifornia [Hot Plate]
Bobbi Humphrey - Uno Está [Blue Note]
Vince Vella's Cuban Collective - People Always Criticize Us [Raw Canvas]
Superbacana - Reza [Ubiquity]
Elis Regina - Zazueira [Universal Sound]
Soul Bossa Trio - Song For The Soul [Bomba Recordings]
Dom Um Romao - Kitchen (Cosihna) [Muse Records]
Melvyn Price - Behind Kungsträdgården [Wax Poetics]
Salvador Trio - Tristeza [Mocambo]
Walter Wanderley - Dona Baratinha [Odeon]
The Exotic Rhythms of Les Baxter Orchestra and Chorus - Azure Sands [GNP Crescendo]
Duke Pearson ft. Bobby Hutcherson - The Moana Surf [Blue Note]

Stay tunes for our second Substitute Teacher's Mix at the end of the month, featuring the man who Bangs the Party: AndyCapp.
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