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Breakspoll Nominations are in!

docta seuss

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Originally posted by todiefor
for instance - radio head is a very popular band, so they sell a million records and win a grammy, does that make them suck?
that's just silly.

the chemical brothers won a grammy.

although most grammy winners do suck on goat nads... but it's not because they're popular that people hate them. it's because their music is terrible. people who don't dig deep enough just don't know. sheepsies they are...

...in my humble opinion...
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Originally posted by todiefor
so by your logic...all things popular are not good? what if the entire massive of breaks heads suddenly was freaking out for your business - would what you do then cease to be relevant? I respect what you do so I'm not trying to start shit but when you and others go off saying things like this it just makes you sound like a jealous little hater, which I don't really think you are but, y'know wat me sayn mon? for instance - radio head is a very popular band, so they sell a million records and win a grammy, does that make them suck?

Relax, I'm not hatin on anybody, all I'm saying is that every year a lot of people get unnecessarily mad about the nominees and I'm trying to stop that. I have no problem with Breakspoll (in fact I love them, they're old internet buddies of mine) I'm just trying to stop people from saying "breakspoll is lame, its the same people every year, blah blah blah". If one of my tunes was nominated, yea I'd be happy, but I wouldn't let it go to my head for precisely the reasons I just said: It's all based on online voting, so how seriously can you take it? Just relax and enjoy it for what it is, a fun awards show for Breaks.

Robb G

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You guys can keep arguing and I'll promise to take lots of pictures when I'm actually at the awards this week ;)
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Audio Wraith

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Originally posted by docta seuss
also, i wasn't impressed by 'eargasm' at all... but that's just me. anyone with me on this¿ [/B]

Ya I am in total agreement w/the Eargasm thing.. EXCEPT for Funk Hits The Fan.. come ON now, that track is what I like to call a "converter". Play it for the club kiddies who don't have a clue and all ask "Like, what IS this music?" and *poof* they're converted having bitten into the apple of sinful goodness that is breaks.


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ok, eargasm may not be "groundbreaking" in any real sense, but come on....have you even HEARD "in stereo" or "Creepshow" on a big system? Mad shit, and fully deserving

Robb G

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Just got a PM from someone asking for details and I realized I never posted a review.

On my train ride the next day I accidently found the "delete all" button on the digi cam I was borrowing so all my pics are gone but:

1000 breakbeat enthusiasts.

3 floors.

Every name in the breabeat industy, such as: Skool Of Thought, Adam Freeland, Scissorkicks, Smithmonger, Rennie Pilgrem, Meat Katie, Freq Nasty, Atomic Hooligan, Elite Force, Dylan Rhymes, Soul of Man, Lee Coombs, BLIM, Evil 9 ect. ect. ect . The Plump DJ's weren't there because they were on tour but everyone else from Finger Lickin' were there to accept the awards for them and had made lifesize cardboard cutouts of the Plumps (Krafty Kuts was scheduled to play but his gig in another town ran late). That's just the tip of the iceberg as every magazine, record label owner, radio show host, record store owner and B level UK breaks dj were there. Lots of people from France and Spain but no one from North America (I was the only North American there other then a guy from Boston that loves breaks who was on "vacation").

The awards part lasted about 30 mins, they had a stage with a podium and backdrop in the bigger of the 3 rooms. The nominees were called out, everyone cheered for their fav. then they announced the winners.

Honestly really well organized for it only being the second year. Amazing music all night but the fresh beats and the real party was in the "New Blood Room". Evil 9 did a live PA, Splitloop performed live and Atomic Hooligan and Jay Cunning did a 4 turntable show with an MC/beatboxer.

It was worth the loss of sleep and every penny. By the time I crashed on Thursday night I had been up for 40 + hours.
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