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Breaks To The Future on @NSBradio


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Hello Tribers. I've decided to start dJing online again and playing tracks from my collection of fun funky breakbeat music. I recently joined the web radio station NSB Radio. Winner of a Breakspoll award for best breaks radio station 5 years in a row. I will contribute my own mixes for the world to enjoy. My show has a facebook page called Breaks to the Future. I spin live on nsbradio Sunday nights from 10-12EST, but I'll be recording most shows for you to listen to anytime via mixcloud. Plus if you like what you hearing, there's a direct download to the mp3 for your music collection within mixcloud info.

Break to the Future #001 on NSBRADIO.co.uk by martymcflythedj | Mixcloud

Break to the Future #002 on NSBRADIO.co.uk by martymcflythedj | Mixcloud

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breaks to the future 003

My breaks to the future radio show was on last night (Sunday evening) from 10-12am. I recorded the show via ustream and uploaded it to youtube for easier viewing. For your gear heads out there, I'm using a tractor Z2 mixer, 1 macbook pro, 2 1200s, 1 cdj100, and 1 cassette player to be able to play oldskool dJ demos from back in the day. I've also added a toll free info & shout out line. Call it, leave a message and I may air on an upcoming show. 1 (866)920-2813


I uploaded last nights podcast.
The levels are like 96.9 % awesome.

The show breaks down like this:

30 mins of live mixing.
60 mins live from Andy PoolHall ( dJ DMonic b2b MartyMcFly )
30 mins vintage vinyl feature.

Thanks for listening

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