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Breaks in Guelph - Feb. 15th

FunK IN FusioN

TRIBE Member

Well folks, the day is upon us, and so for tonights event here are the directions. As you are all probably aware, the venue is the Bullring, however, not many people know where that is. It is located on the campus of the University of Guelph, and is situated just North of the University Centre.

From Toronto:
Travel West on the 401 to exit 299
Stay to the right and you will be traveling North through Aberfoyle for about 10 minutes before you get into Guelph proper.
Stay straight on the same road, which will eventually turninto Gordon St., and it passes right along the University.
The University is located at the corner of Gordon and Stone Rd.
Here is a map:

For parking, continue along Gordon until the next set of lights, and then turn right onto South Ring Rd. There are large parking lots to the right, and after 5:00 it is free.

The easiest way to explain how to get to the Bullring is to look at an online map, please go to the link below and click one of the pictures until you can find a small round building right in the middle of the map:

If you are having trouble finding the building, the easiest thing to do is ask someone, everyone knows where it is, and otherwise, if you just follow the brick walkway North along the campus, it is a big round red building in the main courtyard.

E-mail for more info: funkNfusion@hotmail.com

See y'all tommorow!
Bring on tha FunK!
Stop Bill C-10

Angus Robinson

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I'm really looking forward to this! It will be my first ever experience in Guelph. I've heard good things. And I've also heard that people from Guelph like to fuck farm animals in their spare time, so I'm sure we'll fit in just fine ;)

Let the boozin begin!