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Breakin the Gender Barrier this Friday@ Fever


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Join us this friday as we are very excited to bring you the first ever full room of breaks ladies in Hamilton.
Starting us off right will DJ KICK 10-11:30, then we have Misdirxion from 11:30-12:30, then from London England we have 10 SUI (NINJA TUNE) she will be playing from 12:30-2, Closing us off properly will be JEN LASHER from WASHINGTON DC.
Stay tuned for prices for this event, I know ladies are free b4 11.


Angus Robinson

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What's this I hear about Smirnoff girls?? ...with giveaways? :D
Hopefully they'll be giving away some of their tasty smirnoff beverages!


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hype hype hyped?

is this like this friday as in tommorow night at fever? please i hope so! i am tired of studying for exams and need to shake a little botty to relieve some stress,,,,,,,i wanna go!


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^^^^tis this friday as in tomorrow Neilio! Shall we do a little pre-party drinking say at my house?! Ill be home from work around 7, call me.
Su......good luck! Ill be there for ur whole set gurl!

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DJ Red Lion

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For Breaking & Entering I Su You!

Yes Happy Birthday Dawson, I know you'll have a good one!

Ms. DirXion rocks my world and my inner thighs ................. BREAK a leg Su.

Looking forward to this tonight as always good times in the 905. Big ups to Ryan from Empire as well. Sorry to hear about the party cancellation Saturday but I'll be there to support Empire to the fullest tonight @ Fever. Plus you can't lose when Marcus hits the decks.

As always shouts to Bobby's Jet Taxi Service, "We are cleared for take off on runways 2, 3 and 4 ........... BOB-BYE!"

Uncle Bobby

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tonight @ Fever!



DJ Red Lion

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Bobby Needs A Hobby!

Hey wait ....................... that's Uncle Bobby in the backround in the yelloow and blue shirt ....................... What exactly are you doing?