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Breakin' Da Booty (K/W)

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by noahmintz, Mar 18, 2001.

  1. noahmintz

    noahmintz TRIBE Member

    All and all this night was a little bit of a disappointment
    Got there kinda late, just a little after 1
    And walked right in
    Right when I walked in there seemed to be something wrong
    The music wasn't that loud and it seemed kinda sketchy
    After checking my coat I walked up stairs to a fairly packed main room
    Who were experiencing quite the treat from Big League Chu
    His set was absolutely amazing
    One of the best breaks sets I'be heard in a while
    After Chu finished his set, that's when the disappoinment started
    Apparently because a mix up from a booking agency, DJ Boogie from San Francisco was booked instead of the Boogie from Minnisota
    So instead of a pumpin' booty set
    We were left with a bla club house set
    After about 10 minutes of that I got rather bored so I wandered into the jungle room
    Or should I say closet
    That room was tiny!
    And the system was very tinny
    After about 20 minutes of Cap J I just couldn't stand it anymore
    the heat mixed with the below quality sound
    I wandered back into the main room
    And 20 minutes later my krew decided enough was enough and we took off
    Luckily Big League Chu's set was well worth headin out for
    And props to the promoter for trying to bring some breaks and booty to K/W
    However somethings just don't work out in the end

  2. KickIT

    KickIT TRIBE Member

    An interesting experience. The venue was nice except Kitchener's got some pretty wack laws regarding smoking inside. You couldn't smoke inside at all (which didn't stop me). Before we got to the space, Chu, Saddler and I decided to grab a seriously greasey dinner of wings, ribs and jalepeno peppers and after a few beers by stomach was super bloated. That aside, I'd agree with Stu that the sound system sucked. Not enough mids and the bass was seriously inadequate.

    Chu played great as always, I like his latest "girls just wanna have fun" rinse-out. I feel super sorry for the promoters to have gotten this shite DJ Boogie. He was all over the map and was playing club anthems from a well over a year ago. I love DJs who dress all super star, bring a massive crate that needs to be wheeled in and a mic to introduce himself and MC to himself while playing a boring whack set.

    nice effort by the promoters, it was a lot better than I thought it was gonna be. too bad you got the shaft with DJ Booger.


    by the way, get some new laws in K-dubs, that no smoking law is for mormons.
  3. DEJproductions

    DEJproductions TRIBE Promoter

    Hey guys I am very sorry for the mix up on the part of DJ Boogie. The booking agent feels really bad and has promised to make it up. The back room system will be upgraded for next event and properly adjusted for sound quality. Thanks for your comments they help make future events more enjoyable.

  4. D-Monic

    D-Monic TRIBE Member

    I have always wondered when a mix up like this would happen. DJ's with the same name always amuse me.

    How hard is it to come up with an original DJ name? I know of 3 DJ X's, 5 Ruckus' (4 DJ's, 1 MC), 2 DJ Fixx's, and there's a few DJ Slide's.

    When it come's to me, I know of 2 similar names to mine. Apparently there's a new girl DJ in BC named D-Monica... and there's an acid breaks DJ in the Carolina's named Demonixx.

  5. Booty Bits

    Booty Bits TRIBE Member

    there are a heck of a lot of Storms too.
    check the ATM thread to see for yourself.
  6. Sean

    Sean TRIBE Member

    I really must say i had a blast at this party. the system could have been better and it sucked that dj boogie wasnt there but i really loved the venue it self and all in all
    (besides the crappy boogie) the music was really good.
    I also loved the "girls just wanna have fun"

    all in all I had too much fun.
    thanx again guys!
  7. Kid_Korrupt

    Kid_Korrupt TRIBE Member

    Haha, Ya that guy was really lame. You know your a shitty dj when you have to MC for yourself. Other than that the music was really good. Thanks DEJ for bringing more breaks to K-W, I was so exhausted by the end but Marty kept me dancing. Although I'm not a big jungle fan Capital J and JD's antics were very entertaining. I don't know why the jungle room wasn't downstairs again. Cool party.
  8. [- FuNKtiOn -]

    [- FuNKtiOn -] TRIBE Member

    Well, this event seemed to be one giant family reunion. Saw so many people from so many different places, it was wondeful!

    I got there during Non Chalante's set.
    I was very impressed. A lot of really good hardhouse including Run DMC's "the way it is" which is always fun.

    Big League Chu's set was very nicely done, but I spent most of my time during his set in the drinking area (which was great for mingling).

    Then... "Dj Boogie" came on...
    I must say, it was a let down, but all because of the fact that it wasn't the real "DJ Boogie". It was exactly wut we were'nt expecting. But things couldve been worse... They couldve gotten some DJ Boogie that spins happyhardcore or something to equal annoyance.

    But this was little mix up was fine with me, cuz I went to the jungle room, where I heard a great set by Capital J that made me not wanna leave.

    But then Marty came on.
    And let me say.
    Set of the night!
    Wonderful track selection, and a lot of quality mixes (most notably the Wiseguys' Ooh La La, that was hype!), and kept me groovin' til the last track.

    Overall, I had a damn good time.
    Big ups Blake and Darrell.
    DJ Mea next month, eh?
    c'ya there.

  9. Noodles

    Noodles TRIBE Member

    I lost my wallet in the main room close to the speakers and to the left a little. If anyone found it PLEASE conact me either by e-mail or this msg board. Other than loosing my wallet i had the best time.
  10. DEJproductions

    DEJproductions TRIBE Promoter

    Hi guys I am working hard planning the next event. I looked for the lost wallet today, but I couldn't find it. Perhaps a manager put it any to keep it safe until the owner calls for it. I did however obtain a pipe that was taken from someone at the party. If you are the one who lost it e-mail me with the size and colour of it and I will return it too you. I also found out why the jungle rooms sound system was messed up...The fuse on the back of the sub speakers were blown. It may have happened at the beginning of the night when we almost took out the whole system trying to get things running. Anyway it will be a lot louder next month. DJ Mea is being booked through a different booking agent (same one as Bam Bam) I guarantee she will be there with bells on.

  11. headwinds

    headwinds TRIBE Promoter

    DEJproductions: were you aware of the random searches?

    I would like to know if anyone else felt totally caught off guard by the random drug searches. I - and another kid - were taken from the washroom and searched in the back with no probable cause beyond the fact that we were at a party where drug use is commonplace. I was threatened by the searcher to give up anything I had before the search and then I watched this kid get riffled through - monstrous hands rammed down his pockets - total invasion by three bouncers (one had to be a Narc - the weasely looking rat fink shouting retarded orders to caugh off stuff he could never find). Fortunately, I was let off because I said it was my birthday and probably cuz they saw my wrist band and knew that I was pumping their bar with cash and not the dealers (well...) - wikkid birthday! thanks purple-b dude!

    I don't really mind searches before I enter a venue - especially ones for weapons - at least give us room to run!

    how many others went through this indignity?

    no complaints about the musis!!! And I liked the heat in the backroom for brief periods because the main room got kinda cold. But I couldnt see Capital J spin with his feet...not that he did this time.

  12. DEJproductions

    DEJproductions TRIBE Promoter

    I found out about a coulpe of searches, but I didn't think they were doing it on a random basis. I will talk to the bouncers and see what they have to say (da I thought I saw something da). If you were at Bam Bam did you find the security guards a little bit nicer and easier going at this party compaired to last event?
  13. gurlie

    gurlie TRIBE Member

    I didn't get searched at all!
    You know that makes me feel a little unsafe that they don't search for anything when you come in the door!

    For all we know someone could have big knife or a gun!

    Sarah<--Wishes they'd do searches at the door!

  14. unklespins

    unklespins TRIBE Member

    i wonder how bad the dj boogie that showed up felt...comes all the way up from san fran thinking all these ppl are hyped to see him...turns out they were expecting someone else and think's he is shit...that would have been a serious kick in the nuts.

    why are security guards from kitchener such fucking losers? they're pissed b/c no one ever asks them to go to the bar, so they get stuck having to be a bouncer if they want to get in...and they take it out on everyone else...
  15. unklespins

    unklespins TRIBE Member

    yeah, gurlie i totally agree with you...i wish more places had metal detectors...i'd def. feel safer, although I couldn't bring my gatt out to the bar anymore...
  16. future

    future TRIBE Member

    they bascially raped me at the door, but I had nothin, so it was all good, and I saw security flicking butts out of ppl's hands and shit, it was crazy, it was like they were tryin to get someone to swing at them, I had a good time, have not seen capital j in a long while and he threw down some sick dubs.......I found that d-rail and rez-q were on too long, most of the set, ppl looked bored until a sick tune was dropped and then a minute later bored again waiting for another tune....I had a good time thou, caught some of Chu's set and Im not into breaks but its always nice to mix it up a bit...
    I wanna be there next month for the next party, this one was good, its kool to finally hear some jungle here in the k/w as I have been here since sept and havnet been out once, but I am hearing of more things aorund town so Im lookin forward to the summer

  17. headwinds

    headwinds TRIBE Promoter

    I had no run-ins with bouncers at Bam Bam so I cant say whether they were any nicer.

    This random washroom search policy was a complete surprise to me - and to others I'm sure - I felt terrible for this kid across from me that was both verbally and physically abused - obviously if they couldnt feel anything with a pat-down, he had only enough for his one use (at least no massive operation) - no need to finger pockets!!! Oh well...I know you cant do anything about this (maybe advise bouncers against their lust for fingering pockets and anal probes) but I just wanted to vent...its too bad that this happens everywhere; that there has to be a few sacrificial lambs to make the party legit.

  18. noahmintz

    noahmintz TRIBE Member

    I noticed a lot of NARC like security people there
    It was so obvious that they were NARCs too
    I was watching them for a bit and found it quite amusing
    They would look for people on the dance floor who they considered were using drugs
    Then when that person went into the bathrooms
    They would follow right after
    I was quite shocked by the security
    Cause when DEJ used to run the Thursdays there last year
    The secuirty was so nice
    But it looks like they've gone for a turn to the worst
    It seems like they were trying to find a way to shut the party down early

  19. headwinds

    headwinds TRIBE Promoter

    I think it had more to do with how I was dressed than how I danced because I had come directly from the drinking area not the dance floor. Of course the main drug on the dance floor was alcohol. But they can't bust me for what pays their bills.
  20. sweetbabu

    sweetbabu TRIBE Member

    Well aside from the security problems, and 5 of my friends gettin kicked out I had a blast!! There were so many peeps there that haven't been out of their dungeons forever that it was hard makin it across the room without bein stopped. Music was awesome and as usual I wasn't disappointed. Can't wait for the next one Darrel and Blake. Such a good way to end the week after the disappointment of Booty Breakn'. Whoop whoop for breaks in KW!!!!!! We need more, more!!

  21. noahmintz

    noahmintz TRIBE Member

    I think K/W could use some Happycore too!
    hint hint

  22. Kwest

    Kwest TRIBE Member

    i had fun, lots of kids got busted
    which sucked but it was cool

  23. [- FuNKtiOn -]

    [- FuNKtiOn -] TRIBE Member

    I'd like that remark strickened from the record. DEJ is so not about happy hardcore.

    And Vidman usually has hhc content at his parties. So yeah... That's enuf of that.

  24. RJB1

    RJB1 TRIBE Member

    I had a great time, it has been a while since I've gotten to a party and just let myself party. Dissappointment about the Boogie thing, but shit happens.

    I saw some of the random searches, wasnt too impressed, wasn't too impressed with the lack of searches at the door, but can't complain cause it allowed me to sneak in liquor! woo hoo [​IMG]

    what was the worst was the fact they were pulling the old bullshit I haven't seen since the crappy days of the NEWZ... which was having a security guard posted by the bathrooms all night not letting you bring in water bottles to refill them. That's pretty illegal actually. But as long as you had it in your pocket they didn't see shit anyways...

    I hope DAMN (or LA, since they're the ones with the contract with him) get you the proper DJ Boogie for a good price sometime in the future, I'll be there again [​IMG]


  25. unklespins

    unklespins TRIBE Member

    i'm probably wrong but as of right now its only illegal to deny water in Toronto clubs/raves. But I def think someone push to ban that here. Its extremely fucking irresponsible and dangerous, since the maj of ravers don't have 30 bux to spend on water alone...and the main danger from taking e is dehydration. I know they did that at Bam Bam for a bit too, sneaking water bottles into the bathroom to prevent yourself from dehydration is pathetic. This is one thing that def. needs to be looked at for future parties, or else there will most likley be a serious accident with someone getting dehydrated and passing out.

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