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BreakFest II Year - Elmo baby!

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peanut butter

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Some of the best breaks I've heard in a while!!
Dave Saddler and Robb G were both completely on their game last night.

It was nice to be back at the smelly old Elmo, the sound was better than I could have asked for but I don't remember drinks being so pricey (?!) when I was last there?

Whatever, It absolutely rocked & i haven't danced like that in months!!!!!!


Patrick (my head is still throbbing...)

Big League Chu

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What a night. It felt like I was taken back in a time warp a year. Faces I haven't seen since the Breakfest El Mo days and lots of them. The place was jammed with breakers and it was sooo hype. People movin', groovin' with a fun lovin' vibe. Vibe, thats what the El Mo and Breakfest were all about. A little too hot and steamy but thats what happens when your havin' fun. Dave Saddler was nice and deep in the mix, smooth and seamless. One of the best sets I've heard him mix (and I've seen about 24435 of them). Robb G was heating up in hyper chicken mode when I had to take my intoxicated ass home.
Anyone who used to love Breakfest @ the El Mocambo if you missed this, you missed a fantastic voyage into the past.


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Absolutely amazing is all I have to say. It was so good to be back at the ElMo, it took me back to last summer. I've been absent from Breakfest since the move to System because the vibe just isn't the same, but the vibe was there in full force at the ElMo. It's got to be something within those hallowed walls.
As for the Dj's, they were on top of their games, with special mention to Robb G. His set was incredible with a lot of older crowd pleasers in the mix. And the man that can't be forgotten because he is always wicked, Chuck...oops I mean Chu. (Can't seem to tell them apart anymore)
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Little1:
And the man that can't be forgotten because he is always wicked, Chuck...oops I mean Chu. (Can't seem to tell them apart anymore)</font>

I know, I think I'm gonna start calling myself Big League Too!

BTW who are you?



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What a wikkid night! O how i love the elmo! Wikkid ppl., and absolutely wikkid breakz!! Robb ur set was incredible

Little1 it was nice to finally meet u!! And chuck, a pleasure as always bustin' it on the dancefloor with ya!

Im tired- I'll write more another day.



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by KickIT:
I know, I think I'm gonna start calling myself Big League Too!

BTW who are you?


what do you mean "i'm gonna start" the first time i met you you said that to me.


Barrie Breaker

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I have to agree with everyone else here that Friday was a wicked night! The music was awesome and the attitudes and whole feeling from people there was a perfect combination. I can't emphasize enough how nice it was to have a kick ass breaks night on a Friday!!! I can't speak for everyone but I'm a breaker who works Mon-Fri 9-5 and can't make it out to Wednesdays or Sundays ever which is why I wanted to say thanks for this on a Friday!! I got a sweet dose of breaks and I am looking forward to future weekend events. Cheers!

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holy time warp baby!!

i felt so confused the whole time...couldn't figure out what summer it was!!! felt like i had never left!! total trip down memory lane!

wonderful to see alot of the breaksfest regulars out! and as always, the breaks were sweet sweet sweet and got me busting out large on the dancefloor.

thanks to my breaksfest partners in crime over the past year - dannielle, andrea and stevie d- as always, so fun having you guys around!!

but as with most breaksfests, i got very drunk. (and yes, the beer prices DID go up!!) so i had to bail early and go home and pass out. and pass out i did.

thanks to basic for handling my drunkenness like an absolute gentleman! *muah* (now we're even!!

congrats to pat and france on two successful years!! the t.o. breaks scene will be eternally grateful to you guys!!