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Breakfest and Armand V Heldan Sunday night!!!!!

The Electrician

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Well... I went to Breakfest first off, and when I got there, the line was almost all the way to College street. So right off the bat you know that it was rammed... I personally think is was more packed than last time we had a bash... But the Beats were Paht while I was there (for and hour). Robb G and D-monic were playing Back to back when I was there... We had both floors rockin n Sunday, the Downstairs Jungle room was pretty kickin too as was told froom by Kinetic... B.L.C. and Dave Saddler went B2B as well, I can only imagine that it was flawless too...
Part 2... Armad Van Heldan @ The Guvernment!
This party was SSsssooOOOOOoo Hype... Armand came on at about 2:00, a Small technical difficulty but was quickly reformed. He opened with you basic energy filled filtery house... not that interesting but he then started to go off... I then had to play my set at 3:00 till 4:30... Switch was on b4 me. I had had an AWSOME set... I was super into it and everyone was dancing and it seemed to me that there were a lot of new faces in the crowed just loving it, so I guess maybe us breakers can get a chance soon to have our own weekly at a Huge club... There was a ton of more people in there that I would have expected but very wicked... J-Red came on after me at 4:30 and scratched and ripped the night till close!

after my set at the Guv, I headed back to my set at Breakfest thinking that the crowed would have thined out by 5:00 and to my dismay... The upstairs was STIL completely flooded with happy breakers.... So I got all hyped to play again... So I played loved it and left for home...

So it turned out to be a fabulous night for me and everyone I talked too...

Dont miss the next one or you'll regret it!!!!!

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The sound in the main room for Armand Van Helden was unbearable most of the time. Rolling marbles through metal eavestroughing is easier to groove to than Armand at Guv. What's going on with that place? Were their bass bins shot or something? Don't get me wrong, I was there because I like Armand a lot. I was really hyped to see him. He just didn't pull it off in that venue. The Guvernment should be careful about bragging about "Toronto's best digitally driven sound system". Maybe it's time for some servicing of the P.A.

The night would have been a waste BUT the breaks room saved the day. The people in The Oragne Room were goin' off for The Electrician in a big way.

Wes man... I've seen you play many times but your set at Guv was THE BEST set I've ever heard from you. Your track selection was killer and the sounds system was beautiful.

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Superstars = $


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Sometimes producers of music just can't
get a handle on the whole "Dj" thing.
But Armand started out as a Dj so I found myself wondering what the problem was?
I heard him at Connected a few years back and he was wicked!
Maybe too much turkey for Armand !
Sorry i missed your set in the Orange room Electrician, next time Ill make sure I dont.