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All these food threads from the past couple of weeks, we might aswell focus on the most important meal of the day.

Where's your fav breakfast place?

I've had some good ones at:



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Cafeteria in Montreal

The Grille in Etobicoke

This one place on Kipling south of Evans whose name escapes me at the moment but there's a big plastic triceratops outside even though the restaurant itself is not really dinosaur-themed.

Mandarin (yes they have eggs, bacon, and waffles in the morning, along with everything else).
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Best Coffee/Omelettes
By the Way Cafe

Best Pub Breakie
Bow & Arrow

Best Greasy Spoon Breakie
Mermaid Fish & Chips (Church & McGill)


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Easy on Queen

although im not about to line up down the street in the cold for it like all those knobs do
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aunties and uncles - lippincott.
maggies - college.
boom - college.
the manx - ottawa, on elgin st.

or my homemade 'gourmet' egg mcmuffins.


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Originally posted by slice
Shiiet, forgot about this, if you wanna pig out, this is the place.
even the take out is bad ass, they give you a large container and you can go out into the buffet and fill it as much as possible:D
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Originally posted by deep
hot house for pork-out brunch
oh my god, yes.

you should come down one weekend (joel usually starts off most saturday mornings with "i wish that hothouse had buffet on saturdays").


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Petite Dejeuner on King just west of Jarvis! - Best Eggs Benedict in Toronto.

Been going there for five years, unfortunatley it's become immensily popular as the area has grown and it's really hard to get in on weekends, but they are expanding upstairs.

other favourites:

Over Easy on Bloor - Big breakfast rocks, Tomato and Avacado Eggs Benedict yummy, pancakes are kick ass.

Insomnia is good too.


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MAggies!!! I particularly enjoy how you can get eggs florintine with their gypsy sauce rather than holandaise.

However, if I'm going for greasy spoon where it's quantity over quality...the New York City Cafe at Broadview and Danforth gets my vote!
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the barn restaraunt at queen and bathurst does a mean home breakfast fry up... under 5 bucks for three eggs, homefires (best homefries.. exactly what they should be like), meat, and toast.. 1 cup of coffee included before 11. The clientelle are a lilttle scary but the food is great.

nice atmosphere bruknch place.. on the danforth by my sis.. can't remember the name but you order at the counter and they bring it to your table for you.. (around chester station)
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