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I am looking for a website for the breaking crew Bag o Trix - anyone heard of them or know of a website - I met them way back in the day through a friend and a friend of mine wants them to make an appearance at a party shes throwing - any info would be great - I looked online but could only find articles about them. Thanx
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i know some of the guys from Bag o trix, although i can't say i have kept contacts with them in the last couple of years...

im sure they have some sort of website still...

try searching under their abreviated crew name "BTX"

ill see what i can do to get a hold of these doodz....


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wow Bag o Trix .. haven't heard that name in a while

what kinda party is she throwing?? cus if they're gonna be there... i wanna go!

they are sick breakers
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