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Breakbeat - Dj Conehead - Bleep 216/Breakbeat Hardcore Part 6

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by isoprax, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. isoprax

    isoprax TRIBE Promoter

    Bleep Radio #216
    Aired: June 9th, 2010
    Mixed by: DJ Conehead

    Fun in the Murky / Trevor Wilkes: Last.FM - Stream similar artists

    Last week was Dj Conehead's first appearance on Bleep Radio. He made that appearance by allowing me to air his Breakbeat Hardcore %28Part 5%29 mix. Now that was fine, great and/or dandy, but what is one to do the week after to follow up? I'm pretty sure the only reasonable follow-up is another one of Dj Conehead's Breakbeat Hardcore mixes. So to finish off his Bleep Radio debut, we have Breakbeat Hardcore Part 6 today!

    0. 3d!t: Bleep Radio Intro
    1. 4 Hero: The Last Ever Bleep Track (Used To Death) (Reinforced Records 1991)
    2. Return Of The Living Acid: Get Funky (Chill Music 1991)
    3. Kicksquad: Soundclash (Championsound) (Scientific Mix) (Kickin Records 1990)
    4. Ragga Twins: 18" Speaker (Shut Up And Dance Records 1991)
    5. Shades Of Rhythm: The Scientist (ZTT 1991)
    6. 4 Hero: Put Your Thinkin' Caps On (Reinforced Records 1991)
    7. Ragga Twins: The Homeless Problem (Shut Up And Dance Records 1991)
    8. Code 071: A London Sumtin' (Reinforced Records 1992)
    9. Tek-9: Kingdom Of Dub (Reinforced Records 1992)
    10. Rebel MC featuring Tenor Fly: The Wickedest Sound (The Buff-Buff Mix) (Desire Records 1991)
    11. Barrington Levy featuring Rebel MC : Under Mi Sensi (Legalize It Mix) (Tribal Bass Records 1992)
    12. Phuture Assassins: Future Sound (Suburban Base Records 1992)
    13. Dance Conspiracy: Dub War Part 2 (XL Recordings 1992)
    14. Bizzy B: Brainstorm (Brain Records 1992)
    15. Acen:Trip II The Moon (The Darkside) (Production House 1992)
    16. Krome & Time: This Sound Is For The Underground (Suburban Base Records 1992)

    Download The June 9th, 2010 Archive

    Bleep Info:
    Next Weeks Show: Trevor Wilkes

    Bleep's goal is to bring quality dance-floor music, music without it's head up it's arse, to areas where it's seemingly lacking. Stale music has taken over and needs to move over. We need less labels, not more. Techno may be the label that Bleep assumes, but it's the Techno label of days gone by, one that encompasses much and has a sense of humour. The humour bit may be just me though. Enjoy.

    Anyone is highly encouraged to ask questions or comment about Bleep mixes. All questions will be answered. Help will be given. Direction will be shown.

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  2. recoil

    recoil TRIBE Member

    nice tracklisting - on the DL now
  3. dtox

    dtox TRIBE Member

    very nice tracklisting, suburban base for the win!

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