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breakandenter + BOK - 2 x 4 yeah anniversary


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I quite enjoyed this event. Haven't danced that long in a while. My legs got a work-out.

The sound-system was great, and it was the best when you were right in the middle of the room (yes, I was "malcolm in the middle" for a good part of the night). The stacks of speakers seemed to fill the room rather well. The floating fish were an awesome surprise. :)

The music was pretty damn good too. I'm more of a harder techno kind of guy, with tech-house and "mnml" not really being my thing, so I was happy to see that the night went a little harder at some points. Good crowd too... got a good vibe overall.

Only drawbacks were the idiots that think people won't notice them smoking in the venue, not so much because I don't like the smell, but more because the promoters rented out a hall; it's a little different to smoke in some old warehouse than the Polish Combatant's Hall. That, and the photographers were going crazy for the first half of the night, with their blinding, stronger-than-the-sun, 360-degree fill-flashes...

But yeah, great night. I left at four, after saying "ok, one more track" a few too many times.

ps. I was the guy in the Tresor t-shirt... :)

edit: $1 soft-drinks were awesome
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Hey, i saw you! :) I was the tall chick trying desperately to get into some angry, angry techno. It wasn't really happening. I liked the lighting and the sound was great, but it made me sad that the music was so hard and that people looked so gosh darned serious on the dancefloor. My favorite track was played very early in the night (12:30ish), quite slow and simple with a big detuned (fifth) Moog-y bassline. Rest of the night i was just itching for something more funky or melodic, but it was not to be. Fortunately i bumped into a few people i knew so i at least enjoyed some chats. I did not enjoy having my drinks spilled on me on two separate occasions. At least they were only $5 :D


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ha well took me a lil while to warm up too but I found the groove eventually - tried goin' a lil lighter on the head and the pocketbook, aside from the ticket cost my only other one was half a cab fare home at 4am!

It was def hard and mighta been easier for me to find that thread with a little more funk to hang my hat on I agree, but having a bit of a predilection for the harder sounds in my past it wasn't so much of a tall order to get on with some relentless techno... sometimes it felt like 2002 in there, which isn't always a bad thing IMO..;)

Def towards my departure I was much like the OP "oh i should go.. wait this one sounds cool" - i think maybe Jamie Kidd was coming on there after 3 and kept me interested!

All in all had a good crew and was able to maintain some good dance energy for a long while... there were a few meatheads, surprisingly, and some crews moving up front and then back in an endless cycle of indecision, but these were just minor complaints, peeps be stupid yo


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Nice to dance in your general proximity, Alison! :)

Definitely sharks and lasers were cool.

Jamie mentioned that his set around 3 would be a little harder, so I definitely stayed for that one.

And yeah, I would find a little spot on the dancefloor to shuffle around, and suddenly three people would decide that parking themselves right next to me or in front of me was the best course of action. Oh well, not everyone is in a clear state of mind at that point (cheap drinks! ...to say the least), so I wasn't too concerned. Just had to make a few leaps into the next open spot. ;)
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