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Break Dancing Workshop - for beginners


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Hello everyone,

Feel like integrating some break dancing into your personal dance style?

A friend and I are putting on an introduction to Break Dancing workshop (for beginners). Details are below:

Sunday, February 24th
2 pm - 4 pm
Location - downtown dance studio, on the subway line (steps away from the Wellsely subway stop). Address and directions will be given to those who confirm attendance.
Cost - $15 per person (covers the rental of the studio and payment to the instructor). Payment will be due at the workshop.
Instructor - classically trained dancer, teaches break dancing and hip hop and he's an awesome fee-style breaker.
Class size - I'm trying to keep the class under 25, so it's first come first serve.
Reserving your spot: e-mail me at blaise@xcorporation.com to reserve your spot. Deadline to reserve your spot is Wednesday, February 20th at 5 pm.
Music - you'll be breaking to Hip Hop.
This work-shop is for beginners only. An intermediate work-shop will be put on in March (details to follow).
Class breakdown:
Warm up
Introduction to the basic up-rocs and floor work (six step)
Put it all together in a routine
Free-styling and one-one one help/instruction

If you're interested and want to reserve a spot or want more info, please e-mail me ASAP.