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Brazil Nightclub fire takes at least 180 lives

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clubs fire license ended in August 2012. shouldn't have even been open. the owners will be in jail for a very long time.
Ugh, they found bodies piled on top of each other in the toilet stalls. People were so disoriented.

And the poor relatives that have to identify their loved ones one by one in the gym nearby that's now a makeshift morgue. Imagine the fucking stench in there. That lineup to get into the morgue. That shit's gonna stay with them forever.

Those club owners and band members are gonna have to live with killing this many people for the rest of their lives. Probably in a jail cell. The whole thing is disturbing.
shit, i wish i knew that link of the video where 20 dudes died instantly due to an electrical shock at an outdoor party.

Holy fuck that video was creepy as shit.

all of a sudden, an entire chunk of the crowd dropped and twitched.. dead... everyone else screaming and running away.

freaky as fuck.
They just announced on the news that when the fire broke out they locked people in so they wouldn't leave without paying their tabs.
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No fucking way that's true.

oh its true alright...just came from there and they have the most retarded system.

when you enter a club, you will be given a cardboard card with all of the clubs drinks available (better clubs will give you a magnetic swipe card)
each time you buy a drink they will mark your card or swipe it with your drink order
(first time i was given a card i was like wtf is this??? i will lose this shit before the night is thru - if you lose it you have to pay $300 or so)

Anyway, your admission and everything is on that card and you pay 1 or 2 cashiers at the end in a heavily secured area (again, annoying as shit because after a night of drinking you just want to leave the bar, not queue up again)

in order to leave the bar, you have to present your paid receipt to security. that's the only way you can exit.

not sure why they use this system. i suspect in a place with high crime, it makes sense to keep all the money in one secure area, no bartenders fiddling with cash.

You also cant really keep track of how much you've spent as the night goes on and i have heard of incidents of bar staff adding drinks you didn't order to your bill.

Feel sorry for these people.
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and a lack of sprinklers yet again. how many events have we been to without sprinklers?

I've always been scared of stampedes.. and fires are the perfect thing to get one started.

this is horrible so don't watch it unless you want to feel sad this mornign. fire breaks out at 6 min. The Unedited Full Rhode Island Station Nightclub Fire 2 20 03 - YouTube

Wow that's brutal. Probably anyone's worst nightmare of a fire breaking out in a small club and having only one exit. Video doesn't show anyone actually dying but you can hear a lot of screams from people you just know are trapped and will end up dying. :(