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Boss Hog

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Patrick Brazeau facing domestic, sexual assault charges - Canada - CBC News

Everything I've been hearing and reading in the last day says if convicted, he'd have to serve a sentence of 2 years to lose his Senate seat.

Anybody here strong with the details of the Senate? It would seem like from the wording here that it it might be automatic.

But really, if he's guilty of this crime (let alone his previous controversies) does this guy really deserve to be a Senator? What the hell was Harper doing even appointing this punk?


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i think Harper loved the spotlight then...why not be the one who appointed the youngest senator ever? and now it's on him again, if only for a little bit.
Brazeau is an embarrassment.
too soon.

Bernnie Federko

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Boy Mr Prime Minister, you sure did book that business trip to Brussels at an opportune time. Certainly don't wanna be in the house answering questions or anything on such an early point in the fall session. Not with the shit abyss out there right now. Hooo haaaaaaa

Say, what about that bit you mentioned Re: Abolishing/Reforming the Senate?
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