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Brand New Game Cube


TRIBE Member
I am selling a practically brand new game cube bought in january.

It is the limited platnium edition.

It comes with 11 games two controllers and two memory cards.

The games are
All-Star Baseball to be honest worth 10.00 brand new
Animal crossing Sells for 49.99
Mario Kart Double Dash retail 69.99
Mario Party 5 (69.99)
Prince of persia (69.99)
Splinter Cell (29.99)
SSX Tricky (19.99)

And Four zeldas on one disk (priceless since you can't get it anymore)

Im selling it all for 350. I need the funds to get back into DJin.
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OKay this is still for sale. I have dropped the price to 300.

yes that's right $300.00 for all that wonderful stuff