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Saturday Night was AMAZING!!!:D :D :D

Thanx Alot to all the party kidZ that came out and bOOgieD with us at this event! The VIBE was INCREDIBLE and everyone seemed to be having an amazing time, and it was an awesome blend of the OL'SkooL crowd W/ thw NeW!!

I really wanna thank everyone who helped us set up N' decorate, You guys did an AWESOME job in Transforming Zen into a BoGGling BRAINWASH environment!! ThaNX!! Camille (My gorgeous Girlfriend), Rita, Ada, Jess, Dave & 'BrotheR', and Steph!

Also a pat on the back for my Partner Sabrina (aka. TRIPS), girl you know I couldn't have done it without you! Everyone was saying that you looked dead sexy in that 'Misty Maid' costume @ the end of the night!

Also -- ThaNKs SOOOOoOOO Much to all the DJ's!

MissMoneyPenny - Its always a pleasure, Ur the T-dot Queen of Hard House Baby!!

S.O.S. - U always spin an awesome set! ThanX for Everything!

Pretty Boy Acid - Alex, Ur the MAN! U spun an amazing set and definately got the crowd pumped!

DJ R2 & PLATIC MOTIVE - DAMN! Very Impressive -- a good mix of the Ol' with the new!

BIG MAC & DAN SYNDROME - These boys spun the SET OF THE NIGHT! Congrats guys on a job well done!! U 2 kicked the party in Overdrive with your Bad-AsS Booty Selection!! You got Eveyones ASS SHAKIN'!!!Look out for these guys at our next Event 4 sure!!

Chiclet - U still reign as princess of Epic Trance!

DJAYFORCE - Incredible, good job buddy! Rising high on the Uplifting Vibe!

Dj SCRATCHE - Threw down a Bad-Ass breaks set! Good job! Look out for this boy who's blowing up in the T-dot scene as well, and who we definately gotta get spinning in our mainroom next event!

DJ Sykz - Good Job! Look out for this up-in-commer!

KID LAX - Awesome! Andrew, you definately have potential to make it BIG despite asS-CraCks who touch Ur tables! ThanX alot, your track selection was Killer!

Also - Thanks to our beautiful Dancers N' Entertainers who came out; Angela (our gorgeous water gun girl), Jenn, Fessel, SaasaaBee, & Alaina! THANx SoO MUCH!!!!!!!

Look out for our next event real SooN!!


Peter (aka. ASTRO)