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Brad Copeland @ Film Lounge


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holy shit what was that?!?

sydney blu opened up the night quite well, and i especially enjoyed the last 30 minutes or so of her set. so brad came on around 2 and started off with the most gorgeous track! he played a couple of mellow trancier tracks, and then slowly started the task of ripping that place a new asshole! come 3 oclock everyone was just going off! i couldnt tear myself off the dancefloor. i finally went to the bar for some water at 4ish, and finally began to feel tired. i decided to call it a night and get the hell outta there before being pulled onto the dancefloor.

wicked night...amazing music and quite the 'mixed crowd' as well.


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re: his opening track

it sounded like some mix of The Hush feat Leah - Think (a Hydrogen Rockers production from around a year and a half ago)


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Nice stuff from Brad ... started off with the housier percussion/bassline prog and moved into the hard hitters. Hybrid mix of R.E.M., new Way out West - Killa ...

and I will never get sick of hearing Luke Chable's "The Ride"!

Interesting crowd but they were up for partying!

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ANYWAYS yea Film was sooooooooooo much fun last night. Its too bad I had to leave early though, I felt really crappy from drinking a few Red Bulls. That stuff is EVIL. NEVER AGAIN!


But aside from that the night was reaaaaaaaaaly good. The tunes were GREAT and the crowd was alot of fun too. Alot of friendly people out enjoying themselves.

I caught the last hour of Sydney Blus set and she was ripping things up nicely.

Brad Copleand played some craaaaaaaaaaaaazy tracks. He kinda lost me for a half hour or so in the middle of his set but then picked things up again towards the end of his set. That track he played before "Ride" is NUTS. Apparently a Junkie XL production?!

So yea all in all a great night. Ill definately be checking out Film sometime again soon.

ps. am I the only that found that MC ANNOYING!!!



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was for my first Film experience....I never even realized it existed until recently...quite an interesting crowd and place...

wicked set from Brad.....great tracks and flow to the set, and all the 'up for it' people were just eating it up.....from 'Altered' to 'Ride', there was a stretch in there towards the end where he was just ripping it up.....great work - come back soon man! :)
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Agree with the above about Copeland's set.

Hey...and what is that about....you lightweights didn't stay for JELO???

He kicked EVERYONES ASS all over the dancefloor...he sucked out the last bit of energy that you didn't know you had and DEMANDED it outta yea! Everyone was compelled to dance for Jelo! Wacked set!

My second time at Film...that place is VERY interesting. Went alone as i expected to bump into some people i thought were going to show later. The ppl at the club were really friendly and by an hour into the night, there was already a cool crew that i'd been lucky enough to hook up with and hang out with for the night. And even though i have been so vehement about dress codes...I really liked going...and enjoyed the music, the people and the overall feeling of the night.

Jon Tremblay

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Brad had a great set...very tight with the mixer as always. Then again it's very rare Brad has an off night.

Altought the crowd was diverse, they really seemed to enjoy themselves. (but what was that fight all about??)

props go out to Joanne and JJ and the rest of the crew foa good night!


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Yeah Jon and I witnessed the full-on two-on-one beat down delivered to some dude. We had to high tail it out of our area or we would have been trampled. Looked like a case of raging steroids for all three involved.

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there was a fight?!?!?!?!

hmmmmm it mustve happened when I was sitting @ the back then...!!!


not cool at all...!
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first time at film since it was star city... definitly liked the space.

Copeland was solid... spot on mixing and some sweet tunes. Although there was one near the end with this male vocal that singing during the breakdown that made me want to hurl :p

Jelo took over at 5 and took it up a notch. Don't think the people at Film are used to hearing the shit he was dropping, but they seemed to be eating it up.

I will for sure be going back to Film... but hopefully it will be earlier in the night when I still have a little energy left.


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I wish I would have gone, I've never heard him. From all indications I think I'd really like Copeland's style.


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who was that dude that kept getting on the mic?
I really hope he's not paid to do that... I kept waiting for him to leave the booth so I could take the mic and hide it. :p


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Just want to thank you all for coming and supporting us and turning the night into such a great one!

A special thanks to SYDNEY BLU our resident DJ, who always knows how to get the crowd moving as well as our guests BRAD COPELAND and JELO who ROCKED the house!

The night turned out to be just as good as planned!

Sorry about the fight, I didn't even realize there was one.

To make it up to you, next time let me know ahead of time and I will out you on guest list!

Thanks again.
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Great Night

This too was my first time at Film and I have to say I had a good time. Layout was easy, crowd was a bit of everything but still looked decent, and the sound system was on par too.
That was probably the best set I have heard Sydney Blu play although I have only caught her about 3 times in total, great warm-up!
Brad as mentioned earlier played well, I'm not sure what the crowd is use to hearing there but they sure loved what was dropping and so did I. Simon what was the track I sent you looking for? Wicked Tune!
Anyways nice little spot, glad I checked it out, hope you guys had a good breaky!

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wikkid night!!

first time at film. i heard mixed reviews about the place. but i had a blast. got there a little early and the place was somewhat empty but got packed within 10 minutes.

i hardly left the dance floor all night. was near the back for awhile but got sick of being pushed around by people walking around so we found a great spot near the speakers on the left side. we jammed it there all night. massive ass shaking going on. all the djs rocked it...and as usual jelo slaughtered me at the end of the night.

was an interesting mixed crowd for sure. but everyone seemed fairly friendly.

will definitely be hitting up film again!
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Originally posted by Metal Morphosis
Madoka - Altered

can't get enough of it.
yup - that was the one you asked about Matt.....dear god is that a wicked track....

and i still dont know how i missed the fight - i was right there the whole night; i leave for 10 minutes and a scrap breaks out.....see what happens when I'm not there to intimidate people? haha :D
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Originally posted by videotronic

first track was true to nature-"progress"

track before ride was cass-kenjin(infusion mix)
aaaaaa K so then I guess Sydney Blu played the Hydrogen Rockers tune as her last one, then Brad Copland played "progress" followed by "tektonic shift"


bup i knew i heard that infusion production before, lo and behold its on a darren adam mix I have from this summer




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Film Lounge Rocks!!!!!

That was my first time there, and I love it already.
There's no where in the city like it, still rocking hard at 6am!:eek:

Brad and Jelo kicked it hard.

I'll be back real soon!:D
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