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brad copeland at TIL


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got in around 11, and i have to say that i'm really impressed with the club itself. not at all what i expected, really nice. a little different for me as i tend to go to places that are not as swanky, but definitely enjoyed the decor.

the crowd was a bit stiff during drinking hours, but once that ended the weiners left and the partiers got going. brad was warming up the crowd for quite a while with some 80's influenced stuff which was a bit fluffy, but fun. however, once he started to unleash the dirtier beats i got into it much more. some driving techy business, very dirty, very rough. big beats and lots of rolling percussion, quite different from the music played earlier on in the night. i've always enjoyed his sets, and it was good to see his range of sounds, although i enjoyed the latter part of his set much more than the beginning. at one point i contemplated going up to him and pretending i was chipotle to see what would happen, lol.

spent most of the night on the floor rocking out, but it was fun ot watch all the pickup attempts that i rarely see in most venues i frequent. as much as i really did not enjoy the beginning of the night due to the stiff crowd, once everyone got loaded and the lamewads left i really enjoyed it. lots of beautiful people, which is always nice. the ones that lasted later was definitely a fun party crowd, especially the guy in the suit who invited me up to his table to drink his several bottles of belvedere!

anyway, as much as i had some preconceptions of what the place would be like, some were not true. while it was a pretty stiff crowd at the beginning, as the night wore on i ended up having a really good night.
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so, your saying the crowd at the begining of the night was a bit stiff? :p

All these good reviews of TIL is making me think I should head out to it sometime soon.
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Another fun night out @ TIL...and yes, it didn't take Brad too long to get all funky tech, which just had the dancefloor movin'...heard plenty of solid tracks, I need some names dammit!

Oh, and xtollo...this is the sound of miami, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight NOW!...lol, too damn funny.

To the usual suspects, always a pleasure:)


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Such a solid night. There was a very good turnout, I'm glad quite a few people were still shaking it on the dancefloor when I left by 4. Brad showed off a range of styles throughout the night with great technical precision. Kudos to him & here's to another extended set in the near future.

Metal Morphosis

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good to see some familiar faces... it's been too long since i've been out.
loved it.
wished i didnt have shit to do on Saturday as I EASILY could have made a full night out of TIL.
lots of good djs coming up ... ummm steve porter! sweet.

thanks brad.
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