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BPM Festival IN Playa Del Carmen


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i was in Playa Del Carmen for my honeymoon (actually Kozumel, but we took the ferry over to the mainland) 2 weeks ago and saw the banners, great lineup, saw some Toronto artists on the bill too. Looked like a great time!


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I didn't realize how many Torontonian's were going. Would have been a fun party. I wonder if the lineup will be as promising next year. If so I'm there for sure.

Squillace, Carlo Lio and Dubfire back to back? Nice!


TRIBE Member
i was there for few days on kool beach is definately fun although more so towards the evenings. had tickets for carola and loco dice but was way too trashed by the time i got to the entrance.

more music variety during the day, style wise, would be nice (Farina/Carter would be perfect) as pretty much all heard in my two days on kool beach was tech house with some house classics here n there.
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