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I have no idea where to begin??? This was one of the best nights that I have had in a long time(especially for a Monday???)
After having to say goodbye to my best friend Julie who went to Korea for several weeks today, I was depressed realizing that the only thing that would cheer me up was seeing Boy George @ Fluid nightclub.
Always a skeptic(being a Libra and all), I knew not what to expect at first, as I associated Boy George with playing predomantly trance induced sets,which I was not, nor will ever be looking forward to! Still though, I was anxious to see him, especially after having ventured to Ministry of Sound last year during a trip to London (where he is a resident) and missing him...all because I did not fit the dress code(nuts to that) So I was READY!!!!
Trance, it was not! He played one of the best sets I have heard this year. Most people only remember Boy George from his Culture Club days, so as a dj you do not know what to expect and all that runs through your head at first is "carma, carma, carma, carma, carma chameleon..." Let me tell you though, this man knows how to throw it down on the decks with impecable mixing, and track selection. It was always funky and hard hitting! A far cry from the Boy George we all remember from the '80's.
The best however( for me at least) was being able to shake his hand during his set. All I remember was he looked out to the crowd with an unforgettably smile, then looked straight down, rolled his eyes with a joyous grin and I could not help myself but extend my hand and shake hands with this legend(of course I am also a BIG FAT RETRO FAN, so his past musical endeavours weighed heavily on my initiative to do this).
To top it off, for his encore he through down a BREAKS TRACK??? Oh my god, I nearly shit my pants!!!!! All I could think about was how everyone who recently saw "Mr.Oakenfold" at Tonic was talking about how he was throwing down Breaks which tripped everyone out(with good reason, Oakenfold-breaks...can't see it)so I was completely stunned....BREAKS, you gotta love them! Most people who know me(the guy who does cash at Breakfest on sundays, probably realize my love of breaks) so to hear them played bu this legend was a true pleasure!!!!!
Went to Kenny Ken briefly afterwards at MadBar, and though I heard little of his set, was extatic; especially after not having been able to see the man since Rewind in '98. BIG UPS TO THE AVIATOR CREW, DONNY AND ROB
Once again an amazing night,and to think I was not going to go out at all, simply cause I had to work the next morning at 9:00? You would think I would have learned by now...but not! Oh, his make-up was not that bad either



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OH yeah...In respones to my previous comment about "his make-up not being bad either"...I mean Boy George, not Kenny Ken


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Well, after almost not going, I'm soooo glad I did...I have to say right off the bat that it was one of the best parties I've EVER been to, even better than some parties I've paid for...

So, I get in around 10:30, and I don't recognize the dj on the decks, but after a little research, I find out it's Aubrey Richards, I've heard of him, but never heard him play...well lets just say that he is one of my new favorite djs...he got progressive, in a BIG way, and I was loving him after he dropped Koshein's(sp?) "I hide you", which is one of the better vocal tracks I've heard in a while...Aubrey dropped track after track which would get the crowd going wild...and @ exactly 1am, Mr. Boy George hits the decks. Now, I was expecting him to, musically, change direction, however, he did not, and kept the sweet progressive sounds going right up until I left @ 2:45...

What a night it was, not too many "fake" people, and it was nice running into Special K, and OLM...

Can't wait for the next "Big DJ, small club"

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Damn, I wanted to go
But I figured there would a huge line-up.
And limited capacity sooo?
How was the line wait?
and was it big?
Was Fluid packed? Rocking?


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I was expecting a really cheesy set, was I ever wrong

that man was crazy, totally amazing set

everyone was jumping, great vibe, great music, beautiful people

top night out


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Boy George spinning progressive?

Could this be a sign of the genre's impending demise?!

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Special K

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what a FUN night!

started off good with Aubrey Richards (Fluid Sundays, IT Fridays) playing some gooooood prog/circuit house! This guy KICKS ASS! Im going to have to start hitting up Fluid on Sundays more often. Aubrey finished his set at around 1 and then Boy George came on to a JAM PACKED HOUSE! It was DISGUSTINGLY PACKED until around 2:00, when the place started to slowly clear out. I had no clue what to expect from Boy George and honestly thought he was going to stink the place up with some hardcore cheese lol, but i was pleasantly surprised, he played a good PARTY set. Alot of cool tracks, some older, nothing really new or groundbreaking, but basically all of the best tracks from the past couples of months, Sputnik, Hide You, Flight 643, Keep Control etc etc. Good mixing skills, and it seemed like the crowd was really into it. AND SOOOOO MANY SEXY GIRLS EVERYWHERE!!!

a really fun night, cant wait for the next Benson and Hedges party.

did anyone stay until the end? i hear he was supposed to play until 4am? i took off at about 2:30...


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Special K:

did anyone stay until the end? i hear he was supposed to play until 4am? i took off at about 2:30...
yes, and some of them were even anatomically correct b/4 the operation.

great, great night. he played till 4--he played better than he did in miami. then it got ugly. nice club, no vibe.

OLM from HOM

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by HMP:
nice club, no vibe.</font>
Ok, seeing as it was a Benson & Hedges event intended to be an industry night, then I'll have to disagree and say that the vibe that night was really good compared to some previous industry nights. Sunday nights at Fluid are definitely the best nights there, but being there 2 nights in a row didn't bother me.

I truly didn't know what to expect from Boy George, so I went with critical ears. I must say that when I did leave, I was VERY impressed!!! Wow, good track selection, and really good mixing. It was really hard to get into the music considering how RAMMED the main room was, and just how hot it was in there. Otherwise I would've been dancing like a maniac ... that aside it was a really good, surprising night. Saw a lot of familiar faces in the crowd (it's an industry night, almost every face is a familiar one), and got to see some interesting things (*COUGH*drag*COUGH*).

Also got to meet MC BIAS early on in the night, although we had met previously at System, we had never been formally introduced. Saw him a few times later on and he seemed to be having a great time.

OH, and I MUST give pure respect to DJ Aubrey Richards who seems to always throw down some of the best sets around. His progressive/circuit style really gets the Sunday crowd going, and really did the trick in working up the crowd that had shown up for this night. He's got a lot of potential, and perhaps we'll see him on a more global scale sometime in the future.



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after boy george ended aubrey richards came back on. That prompted many people to leave who wanted to stay for the entire set of boy george and after he ended there were only a few of us hardcore partiers left. Then I realised it was a complete sausage fest so Susan and I left. The vibe was great when we first arrived and up until 2am and then after that it slowly but surely began to stink of poor vibe and great music. the women were plentiful. I hardly ever attempt to pick up at a club but found this one girl so irresistable to talk to that I had to strike up a conversation. She turned out to have a boyfriend but it was really a pleasure to talk to her and meet her roommate. Two more party people I'll see out at other events. It was great meeting and talking to mc bias and hey thanks a lot for the drink ticket
although i don't think you knew that i was jake the snake from tribe? I am definitely going to check out aubrey richards at fluid on a sunday night. really good dj and different from what i've normally heard. boy george was a lot of fun. very similar their two styles but i found they complimented each other very well. anyway great vibe, friendly people, beautiful women, intelligent croud, up until about 4am anyway.