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boxing making a come back?


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Pascal at SMW fought Froch and lost narrowly in England in a gritty solid performance. Since then as a LHW has posted good victories against Diaconu twice, a unbeatend Dawson, and was the only one who has knocked down Hopkins legit. But you're right he did not look from rounds 4-12 in the first fight and again rounds 3-12 on Saturday. Some of that has to do w/ Hopkins style ; ask Tarver or Pavlik but a lot has to do with loopy punching , lacking defence, & wasting both physical and mental energy. His lack of composure against a living legend was a big disappointment. Plus in the clinches he was getting schooled and roughed up ; albeit my personal favourite Hopkins tactic.

As for the living legend himself I can't be more pleased. I've always admired his style even when he fought long drawn out fights with Allen and Joppy .. There has always been this uncanny ability to get inside his opponents head, make them make costly mistakes and then punish them for it ; all with zero collateral damage. Brilliant defense and now showing some pretty solid offence. And I've learnt to forgive him the $400 bet I lost in the Jermain Taylor in their rematch. That loss now seems inexplicable; other than he threw like 8 punches in four rounds.

Ironicially Jones Jr. went to Russia to be brutally knocked out the same night.


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Mares-Agbeko - Good scrap, horrible officiating. Needs to be a rematch for sure.

Coleman-Paris - also good fun, they were trying to take each other's head off


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Mares / Agbeko - The low blow called a knockdown in the 11th round really ruined this fight for me. Very entertaining fight up until that point; even with the lacklustre ref. Looking forward to the rematch ... Besides they'll need the extra rounds in them if they think they can fight Nonito.


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i thought heading in that Agbeko would have a better chance at beating Donaire, as minimal as that chance would would be, but he was so easy to hit with the right hand on Saturday
Donaire-Mares would be the more exciting fight for as long as lasted.
Doubt Nonito sticks around though...have to think they want him to fatten up with a couple of 122 bouts and hopefully Gamboa if he can stay at 126.


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That was bs. Glad I didn't pay to see the fight. lol at the interviewer(Larry Merchant) going at it with Mayweather after the fight.
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Bernnie Federko

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Mayweather and the Ref blow huge horse cock.

Boxing is a sham.

Word to Merchent for standing in there and talking back, "If I was 50 years younger I'd kick your ass"



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i'd say boxing is closer to WWF than MMA is these days.
that Hopkins fight is proof.
TKO ? are you fucking kidding me ?


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Solid night of boxing at Mississauga Saturday night. Ahmad Cheikho / Sam Vargas certainly fight of the night. Both guys knocked down - Ahmad down 4x in this slugfest. Al Bertnstein who called the fight ringside tweeted FOTY Candidate. Pretty gritty performance from both guys.

In main event Gaudet / McGuinness a good Que / Ont rivarly.. Gaudet who is known for his loss against Soto on the Pac / Hatton undercard , did a similar strategy of punching in bursts and then fleaing the scene. Not the most fan friendly style but after 10 rounds I had him winning by 2+ rounds. Logan was making some ground landing the harder punches but was getting pretty banged up in the process. In the 11th he was able to catch Gaudet with two nice punches that dropped Gaudet ; who made it to his feet and gave the hand gesture that he did not want to continue. Pretty impressed with both local guys and pretty surprised how well the card turned out.


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Guess who`s not fighting Pac this May ....

Floyd Mayweather Jr. got hammered by a judge, who just sentenced him to serve 90 days in jail for beating up his baby mama in front of their kids.

Floyd was sentenced to 6 months in jail, but 3 months of that sentence was suspended. He also gets 3 days credit for time he has already served.

TMZ broke the story ... the boxer was arrested in September 2010 -- after his ex-girlfriend accused him of striking her "multiple times in the head with his fist" and then threatening to kill her.

Floyd struck a plea deal with prosecutors in the case -- in which he pled guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence ... in exchange for getting a pass on the felony battery charge.

Floyd also pled no contest to two misdemeanor harassment charges -- after allegedly threatening to beat his kids too during the incident.

The judge was especially pissed that Mayweather struck his baby mama in front of their kids.

The judge also ordered Mayweather to complete 100 hours of community service and a 12-month domestic violence program. He was fined $2,500 ... which to Floyd is like a poker hand.

The boxer must turn himself in on January 6, to begin serving his sentence.