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boxing making a come back?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by octo, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. octo

    octo TRIBE Member

    i used to be a casual boxing fan.
    i'd go out to bars once in a while to watch big fights.
    even if i didn't watch a fight i'd know it was happening and i'd be curious to know the results and analysis.

    my interest waned as i hung out less and less with the guys i'd watch fights with. but i've found myself watching more fights lately. seems like i'm part of the trend.

    i remember how devestated i was when Felix Trinidad got embarassed by Winky Wright. sounds like Trinidad and Roy Jones Jr are going to fight. Not sure how i feel about that. not sure i want to see a couple of guys who are past their primes slap eachother around for a paycheque. at the same time though, it's the fight that never happened.

    i'm going to try to convince a couple of buddies to go to Rama on Saturday for the Steve Molitor fight.

  2. silver1

    silver1 TRIBE Member

    Boxing's bread and butter is PPV.

    PPV buys are driven by the boxing stars. This past year unless your name has been De La Hoya or Mayweather, the PPV numbers have been abysmal.

    The problem is that no new stars have emerged in the boxing world to drive new growth. Golden opportunities on the last two big PPVs (DLH vs. Mayweather and Mayweather vs. Hatton) were squandered by not having contenders featured, instead using non-ranked scrubs.

    The article talks about 120,000 - 143,000 people watching it for free on TSN or in Quebec. How many of those same people would pay $40-$50 a pop to watch it on PPV. My guys is very little.
  3. Colm

    Colm TRIBE Member

    When was the last time there was a good heavy-weight match up? I don't think there has been since the mid'90s, which is why I haven't seen a boxing match in years.
  4. Musical Rush

    Musical Rush TRIBE Member

    Not only is Mayweather a runner inside the ring,he's even a bigger runner out of it.He's called it quits cus he knows he would get the beating of his life if he went up against Cotto,Paul Williams,or Antonio Margarito .

    This weekend should be a good one June 28th. Manny (pac man)Pacquiao(46-3-2-35KO) moves up in weight to face David Diaz.(34-1-1-17 KO).This will be an all out war.

    July 26th it's another war Cotto vs Antonio Margarito .
  5. joey

    joey TRIBE Member

    boxing is dead...


    like tommy said, you make get x amount of people watching on tsn or what not but how many people are going to pay?

    its just not exciting..
    a clinch in boxing is a break up..
    clinch in mma and youre just getting started..
  6. Flashy_McFlash

    Flashy_McFlash Well-Known TRIBEr

    Whatever happened to Prince Naseem? Is he still around/fighting?
  7. redeyes

    redeyes TRIBE Member

    Boxing isn't dead, the heavyweight division is dead. The smaller guys fighting from the featherweight to the welterweight division have really kept boxing going strong. Guys like Manny Pacquiao, Israel Vazquez, the Marquez brothers, Juan Diaz, and yes, Floyd Mayweather have carried the sport on their backs. Since 2005, there has been some mega fights with huge PPV numbers. Pacquiao versus anybody, ODLH verus Mayweather, Vasquez versus Marquez (which is arguably the best trilogy of all time) have all had huge PPV draws. And later this year, we're supposed to see ODLH versus the winner of Cotto/Margarito. If Cotto wins, it's going to be RIP for Oscar.

    And Joey, what you said about the clinch makes no sense to me. A clinch in boxing does equal a separation from the ref which means we will see more action. In MMA, a Thai clinch is pure action, but i just love it when Tim Sylvia gets the underhooks and presses his opponent against the fence for five minutes.

    And musical rush, yes, saturday is going to be a fire fight!!!! I see PAC winning in an 8th round KO. David Diaz is brave, tough, and easy to hit which means he's taylor made for PAC. All the reports coming from PAC's camp say he's adjusted very well to moving up in weight classes. Also, there's a another dude fighting on the undercard, his name is Humberto Soto, he a bad motherfucker!!! If soto wins, i'd love to see him fight pac especially considering the brutal beating soto put on Pac's little brother Bobby.

    WAR PACMAN!!!!!
  8. redeyes

    redeyes TRIBE Member

    edit. double post.
  9. kerouacdude

    kerouacdude TRIBE Member

    I'm actually glad you referred to his old quote, which I meant to reply to at the time.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. Boxing, to its detriment, has ENTIRELY been driven by PPV and pay cable because it's been off over-the-air networks for the past decade. That devotion has been what's driven the sport. Had a generation of young guys had the proper entree to the sport, PPV numbers for the mid level fights would be fantastic. Still, the notion that outside of Oscar and Floyd the numbers are "abysmal" is completely wrong - Cotto and Pacman fights do well as did Barrera and Morales in the very recent past.

    I'm always bemused when people in Ontario make the argument the sport's dead - first of all the commission has all but killed the sport here and the population is mostly white guys have been reared on the notion that hockey fights are what hand to hand combat should look like. Anywhere there's a good sized percentage of Hispanics and blacks it's certainly not dead. Hell, it's still quite popular in Europe, certainly more than here in Canada.

    As far as the clinches, whatever. Boxing's a lot more dense than UFC, I expect some people to be turned off. I feel like a whole lot of time UFC gives the appearance of action without a whole lot of actual action due to all the other trappings and the shortness of the fights, so the bad fights don't seem as bad, even though they are. Boxing's a lot more bare - when it's bad, it's really bad coz it doesn't have those trappings and the fact you have to go 12 rounds to prove your mettle.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2008
  10. redeyes

    redeyes TRIBE Member

    he's retired. he never recovered mentally from the beating Barrera put on him. He fought once after the loss to Barrera and he looked terrible. It was quite obvious the his skills were on a major decline. The Prince spent some time in jail recently stemming from a bad car accident which he caused.

  11. diablo

    diablo TRIBE Member

    The rise of MMA killed boxing.

    End of.
  12. redeyes

    redeyes TRIBE Member

    ^^No. Boxing was in serious trouble prior to the rise of MMA. I think the rise of MMA woke up boxing promoters. Now boxing promoters are more inclined to give the fans the fights they want to see. This could explain all the great fights that have taken place since 2005.

  13. kerouacdude

    kerouacdude TRIBE Member

    Actually it's helped inadvertently for the reason redeyes said
    plus sports broadcasters and news organizations can't exactly give reams of attention to a whole load of MMA fighters, even the guys with 7-4 records and the like, and ignore boxers who are much more accomplished.

    You simply can't justify not giving future Hall of Fame fighters like Pacquiao and Cotto any attention at all and having reams of hours available for MMA scrubs.

    The argument "it's more popular" or "boxing's a bit shady so why bother" don't really wash if you fancy yourself a sports network. Having worked in media I can tell you a lot of it before MMA really rose in prominence came down to guys not knowing boxing and not taking the time to educate themselves more so they continued to ignore it. It's a little bit harder now to ignore it and justify it.

    I mean, fuck, I recently saw a loving, hype-into-overdrive profile of some douche from Leamington or somewhere who calls himself Hands of Stone. He should be fucking arrested for that.
    Hands of Stone is Roberto fucking Duran, a legend who fought because he was beyond dirt poor and had to survive. It's not some douche from Leamington who fights because he likes to bust heads.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2008
  14. Musical Rush

    Musical Rush TRIBE Member

    I agree..
    At the same time I think it had a lot to do with the fact .Now that he wasn't the champ anymore,he couldn't hand pick his dead beat opponents.He would only fight the guys that would make him look good.Now that he isn't the champ, in order to another shot at the belt.He would have to get through the big names first.Goes to show ya the guy had no heart he was all show and no go.

    Another name to look out for in the welterweight is Andre Berto,he's only 5.8 1/2 so his height might be his only down fall.He's 22-0 19 KO's.He just won ,one of the belts Mayweather left behind the WBC title.hmmm Cotto is only 5-7 so maybe the height thing won't be a problem lol
  15. Musical Rush

    Musical Rush TRIBE Member

    Diaz got the beating of his life.Pac-Man the champ.The first fight was a great one too finished as a draw.The heavy weight fight was a joke,lasted 57 secs.3rd fight... that was a nasty cut.They just left the guy sitting there bleeding while trying to decide the decision,foul or no foul.Turned out to be a foul the bleeding guy wins.

    I should be a sports writer.We would save a lot of ink.
  16. kerouacdude

    kerouacdude TRIBE Member

    Best fight of the weekend...sorry UFC fans

  17. moose-meat

    moose-meat TRIBE Member

    Amen to that. Roberto Duran. Awesome.
    Won me a lot of money prior to the re-match with
    Ray "jab and run chicken shit" Leonard. Hated that Yankee bastard.

    I think Duran won some money for his wedding for knocking out a horse with his bare fist. Pretty impressive for a lightweight.
    At least thats how the legend goes.
  18. wayne kenoff

    wayne kenoff TRIBE Member

    the sweet science > MMA

    MMA's good, don't get me wrong. but it doesn't have the history, the glamour or the prestige of boxing.

    I think a big factor in how boxing is suffering in North America is that boxing is being dominated by non-Americans right now, with a few notable exceptions (mayweather, delahoya). Just look at the heavyweight division. I bet it's never been more popular in Russia. I, for one, like the fact that boxing is a truly international sport.

    The fight I want to see is Calzaghe Pavlik. Not sure if it'll happen.
  19. Musical Rush

    Musical Rush TRIBE Member

    My dream fight would to see Mayweather jr get the beating of his life from the Pac-man,or from Cotto.There is so much $$$ out there for Mayweather jr he could afford the plastic surgery he'll need after.
  20. kerouacdude

    kerouacdude TRIBE Member

    Cotto-Margarito on Saturday
    doesn't get much better than that
  21. SJN

    SJN TRIBE Member

    who vs who?
  22. kerouacdude

    kerouacdude TRIBE Member

    Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito

    Two guys who literally knock people out with bodyshots and walk forward through punches without blinking.

    Fight's big in the US but I guess we're here in Toronto where the idea of fighting is white guys who leave openings you can drive a Mack Truck through while throwing achingly slow punches that land on other white guys who never move their heads out of the way and fall easily to the ground.

    If you want to watch a great scrap and shake your head in amazement and what can be endured, you honestly won't be disappointed.

    If it's not for you no need to threadcrap.

  23. KodiaK

    KodiaK TRIBE Member

    apparently the Manny Pacquiao fight on HBO recently only did 200k ppv buys.
    ouch.. his previous fights did double to triple ppv buys.
  24. ndrwrld

    ndrwrld TRIBE Member

    ok Dad.:rolleyes:
  25. kerouacdude

    kerouacdude TRIBE Member

    Dad says it was an awesome, gruelling fight
    ESPN says it was A Fight for the Ages
    So you can fuckin' blow me...i don't come into your threads and be a shitstabber...anyone else who saw the fight, share your thoughts...

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