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boxing day record purchases


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so who else got new records over the holidays? here's my short list.

Luke slater I can complete you: John carter's wagen rmx yummy!

Blackstage re-works Octave one working night remix:sick sick sick!

Radio caroline volume 1 sampler: one of my all time favourite ever electronic songs"autechre" flutter is now finally mine on vinyl, as well as alexander robotnik "dance boy dance", and kinesthesia flicklife.

The stikmen stik003 "U can dew" with the oh so tasty Acidbox gotta love the oldschool tdot sound

last but not least tejada and leviste "in a free lane" good solid dancey track!

props to baseline guelph and my folks for the sale and gift certificate.

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Destro Sanchez

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i was in london for the holidays (just got back)

here's what I scored:

Manmade- Spacewreck - fragile records (transmat sublabel)
(one of only 4 advent tracks I like...badboy, the gigolo electro one, and that grinding kombination research one -#3??)

Fingers Inc.- Distant Planet - Jack Trax reissue
classic, ya (Larry) Heard?

Patrick Cowley remix of Donna Summers/Moroders I Feel Love- one of the only, if not the lone, remix of this song I can play. Has a great tripped out middle part. On some 'dance masters' reissue.

Channel One- Technicolor- Metroplex (Gave this one to Asek because he wanted it more, and I can always get it up here at Play De....plus it was only 5 bux)

this was the four records I got for $23 at Dr. Disc in London (thanks Nitin!!)

I passed on the ben neville w/ losoul (logistic) and the Ark record (only because they were new and too expensive IMO)

then I went up the street to Soul Choice for:

Doug Lazy- Let It Roll -Atlantic records.
(wassup hip house of the late 80s....bad in a good way, sometimes)

The Persuader- Central Bron (original and birdy remix)- Svek
(Jesper Dahlback for president. Why don't I own all his shit? why?)

Cari Lekebusch- Drum and noise style ep- Hybrid
classic cari track that's not over edited...

Laidback- Sunshine reggae/White Horse* - Sire records
("If you wanna be rich, you've gotta be a bitch....... I say RICH.......... bitch")
....if you don't know or recognize this one, then you gotta go back to dancin skool ;)

All these records for $21


wish I could of made it to play de record though.



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new purchases..

Paul Birken - some record on Jerome Hill's label..heard a sample sounded good.
Dj Slip "Slipotika" Missile - excellent dj slip triple pack on missile. Top-notch stuff.
Various "Chicago beat freax" Contact - hyperactive's track on here "Slide" is bloody intense
Kikoman "substation" + 1 other one - the man hooks me up again...
plus i made an order via Tresor's website for 7 or 8 records but I forget what they are now..so whne they arrive I'll have to let ya's know then.


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- some crazy white label... its a jazzified techno. Worthy of Bill Cosby's praise!! Amazing double bassline- and an astounding jazz scat loop.

-smithmonger : littlesunmonger/feels so good : oblong
im sure alot of you would find this tune to progressive maybe? but its got a good rendition of that 'nu-skool' break beat bassline in it. great acid.

-birtybass : ? : white
FUCK! thats all I got to say. 1 or two of you would call this trance.
trance what?
fuck trance!

-dj terry / terryble ep / 20:20
house? techno? acid? dope! especially the bionic bump band remix...


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Not much for me, as I wasn't around boxing day, but here's what got left in my box:

Sami Koivikko - Salmiakki : Shitkatapult
- this guys sound is heads above the rest of the min. tech. peeps and this 2x12" proves it. Worth checking into.

Agoria - Spinach Girl RMXS : PIAS
- Not as good as the original single but some dope tunes nonetheless, I doubt it will replace the original in my bag though.

DJ Linus - Santana : Exun
- Simple Rob Hood style tune, wonky bass melody worked over by some strings and a funky bassline. Two mixes of which the alternative mix is my fav.



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othing new, just gatherin records i didnt have the funds for in the past few months

timtim - let's pretend were going [bpc-077 LP]
closing track jennifer 8 is split into two halfs, the second half is also recorded backwards so you need to listen to the record backwards in order to hear it. fun times!

hal9000 & sylvie marks - no way back ep [Freu_nd 02]
has der himmel ist so and sexy bottom :)

sascha funke - bravo[bpc-075 LP]
two of the tracks missing from the lp i already have on 12", but i was hoping it'd include the bonus track (no publicity). still, great album.

sascha funke - forms & shapes 12" [bpc-074]
ddint care much for it at first release, but the more i heard the paul kalkbrenner remix being played, the more i wanted it. so good. so very good.

apparat - koak [bpc-070]
shame this track isnt dance floor friendly in this city :s



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Today's mail arrival is a score from the buy/sell of another message board and a deal(steal) it was at only $7!!

Gez Varley Presents: Tony Montana !K7

The World Is Yours....doesn't get much better. I feel a minimal mix coming on.


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new additions to the post season purchased list

Silent Breed "Acid Fucker" Missile
Sharpside "wave Cruising" Rotation
Timeblind "Treeing The Dog" COmmunique
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