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boxing day @ limelight


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WOW! Such a good nite! I had sooooooo much fun, AND I saw so many faces I havent seen in a while. Colin and Dave threw down an amazing set, meanwhile, jonno and joel gave them a run for their money! Good job boys.
Anywho, I had a GREAT nite. thanks all.
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My friends and I ordered 4 Sicilian Kisses, 1 Heineken, and 3 Jack & Cokes for $22.50. I couldn't believe it! Talk about cheap drinks. Anyhow, by buddy Ryan B was spinning upstairs, and he threw down a really good set. Too bad I could not stay around for RubyJay.

Good times!


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Limelight was kickin pretty early for this one, Joel and myself continued to throw down while both fighting severe fever's.

I was so sick i think i was hullucinating.

I couldnt stick around due to havin the flu but it was nice to everyone out again.

Joel (Magnum) always a pleasure to spin with you bro, lookin forward to more b2b sets with you dude.


Its too bad i had so many day-quil's in me that i couldnt really drink


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I was sick as a dog too

Fortunately a large amount of cheap alcohol made me forget this. I had a shitload of fun. Nice to see a packed dance floor at a breaks event for a change.

On the downside, I'm 10 times as sick today. Boo hoo
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Such a fun night as always!!! Oh how I missed partying at limelight!! WIkkid sets by all, and u all had me dancing my ass off!

Wow, Rob, u played so many of my traxx!! woohoo- that got me dancing for sure! And of course, Colin and Dave- I missed the last half hour of it, but geez- what a kick ass set!!