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Box of Kittens


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I saw a bunch of tribers in effect for Box of Kittens on Sunday night. Great jam, loved the venue, loved the crowd and the washroom lineups weren't that bad. Awesome job once again BoK crew!

Today sucks though ;)


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Omfg that party was sick, I dont believe i have to party where the music was so on point the whole night if you were there for Hali's set then you will defiantley know what im talking about. I will tell you the one thing that really made my night though, hearing talking heads "once in lifetime" at the very end of the night, fucking brilliant keep it up BOK cause you guys rock like no other!


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soooo bummed that i missed this one, i was so eager to break my BoK cherry but transportation plans fell through last minute. maybe i should move to Toronto, then i could just walk to all the parties.:(
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Temper Tantrum

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man i missed techno the likes of which only the BOK boys can throw down :)

awesome party, hali's spinning was the highlight of the night for me for sure!
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it was a fantastic night, I couldn't get out of the cocooned room fullah dubstep, SOOOOOOOOOO SICK. Komodo was incredible, the whole line up in that room was pretty representative of how dubstep is revolution (say ay)...n phat conductor wreaked havoc!!! I mean, ill. the techno area was an insane miasma (in its usual delightful way) so it was nice to experience the chiller side of things (well it got damn hot in there too). As for the crowd...this party was the puuurrfect mix of aliens n kittens, thank u for the music n lets do it again please!
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Wrong event guys!

The one this past weekend was the combined alienInFlux and box of Kittens jam, not the one from months ago.